The Tall Man Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Does the strong and very emotional thriller The Tall Man touches on many issues of human existence? Why do children go missing? Who is this giant man and does he really exist? The intricate and complex plot keeps the audience in suspense until the very end of the film. But what is the meaning of the psychological film The Tall Man?

What is the movie The Tall Man about?

The small provincial town of Cold Rock. For several decades now, children have been missing in this American place without a trace. There are many rumors and legends among the locals. Rumor has it that an elusive giant man takes the children to him.

But not all locals believe in mysterious legends. Nurse Julia was sure that this was just the fruit of a violent human fantasy. But everything changed when the heroine discovered at night that her son had disappeared without a trace. The woman quickly went down to the first floor. A terrible picture unfolded before her eyes. A strange dark silhouette with her boy in her arms is rapidly leaving her house.

Fearless Julia makes the only right decision: a woman rushes in pursuit of an uninvited guest. The heroine has a goal: she is obliged to return her son home. To do this, the brave nurse will have to make a lot of efforts, go through incredible trials and, most importantly, get an answer to the question of interest to the entire population of the town: who is this giant man? But will the heroine be able to unravel the terrible secret: where do the children go?

The meaning of the film The Tall Man

The miserable existence of the population in Cold Rock is already taken for granted. People are tired of problems, they are closed to the requests of those in need. If another (not their) child disappears, the heroes rejoice that the trouble has bypassed them. No sincere sympathy, no struggle with terrible phenomena. But where do the children go?

Everything that happens in our life must have some meaning. Why do mysterious kidnappings happen? There must be a reasonable explanation for these terrible losses. The director of the film leads the audience to the idea that living people with their gloomy thoughts, unwillingness to exist in a normal society, are much more dangerous, and not invented giant “big men”. So they should be feared and avoided if possible.

The film The Tall Man is about the fact that every parent should try to provide their child with comfortable living conditions. It is worth thinking many times, evaluating your capabilities, weighing the pros and cons, and only then make a decision about having children. You can not doom your child to a beggarly existence. A film about the fact that if a parent is not able to provide good material prosperity to his child, then the baby should be removed from such a family.

However, there are moral values, love, respect, a sincere desire to make the child happy. You can’t buy all this with money. Who dares to condemn a mother who, against her will, was left without a job, but is in search? Who will “throw a stone” at a father who does not know how to show his tender parental feelings to the baby, but sincerely loves him? We cannot condemn families that try to raise a child, but who are somehow inferior to the rest. Not so rich, wealthy. It is not the norm when everything is measured by money, and only by this principle they choose who is worthy of children and who is not.

Maybe before you condemn, you should lend a helping hand?! We should not “close our eyes” to the problems of other families, believing that this does not concern us at all. Some people have forgotten what compassion, sympathy, moral support are. Money money money. Everything is measured in physical terms.

The film The Tall Man teaches that money tends to end, and maternal and paternal support and love with a child are forever. Children are naive and full of hope. The sincere eyes of the baby “inspire” the parents. Even if there are difficulties and problems in the family, you should often remind yourself that this will not always be the case. We need to appreciate every day and try to find happiness and joy in the little things.

The meaning of the finale of the film The Tall Man

The last minutes of the finale of the film The Tall Man give an answer to the question, what is the true meaning of the psychological film. The gloomy atmosphere haunts the audience until the very end. At the end of the film, you can already give answers to the main questions. The main character is the same kidnapper. But why did she do it? The woman had a goal: to give the baby a joyful and happy childhood.

According to the heroine, children do not deserve to live in a family of alcoholics and desperate people. They should have childish interests, carefree games and the ability to buy things. what exactly they want. No, the kids were not subjected to humiliation or beatings in their families. They just had the wrong material level, according to the heroine.

The film The Tall Man ends with a direct question: were the actions of the nurse correct? Did a woman have the moral right to take children from the marginalized sections of society and give them to rich families? Who allowed her to deprive the kids of blood parents? Each viewer answers these questions for himself.

However, do not forget that not everything is measured in monetary terms. The power of love and care can often give much more than material goods. A film that makes you think about true values ​​and priorities.

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