The Titan Ending Explained & Film Analysis

As a child, Alexa got into a terrible car accident. To save the girl’s life, a titanium plate was installed in her head. After 15 years, the heroine of the film gets a job as a stripper. After this, the events in the film “The Titan” begin to develop rapidly. Alexa will soon find out that she is expecting a baby. But the girl knows that this pregnancy happened in some incredible way. Then the girl could no longer control her emotions, she had an attack of aggression. Let’s try to figure out what is the meaning of this uncompromising and intriguing film.

The girl lives with her father in the same house, only her parent pretends that her daughter simply does not exist. He tries not to notice the heroine, does not communicate with her, ignores her in every possible way. The girl never learned to trust people. Years later, intimacy became a real torture for Alexa, because manifestations of love and tenderness were unfamiliar to her. The norm for the girl was physical violence. Now it was the only way she could express her love. But it couldn’t go on like this for long. And the heroine understood this. When she crossed the line, beyond which it was forbidden, the girl realized that it was time. She decided to completely change her appearance, Alexa went on the run. There was no trace left of the attractive girl. Shaved head, constricted chest. In her appearance, the heroine looked more like a guy. Unexpectedly for the girl herself, she meets Vincent. The old fireman is almost certain that his long-lost son is standing in front of him. Alexa realized that this was her chance to escape from her pursuers. To prevent the police from finding her, she needed asylum. That is why she comes into play with Vincent.

Although there is violence in this film, it is not just for the sake of violence. It carries a special emotional load. If the viewer endures everything that happens in the film with the heroine, he will receive a special bonus. With the help of an unexpected ending, fans will plunge into an unforgettable atmosphere of unconditional love and boundless happiness.

The heroine of the film has experienced all the hardships of existence when you are not appreciated and not taken seriously. And over time, the audience begins to empathize with the girl. This contributes to the establishment of a special connection between the main character and fans of the film. The movie “The Titan” is a story about rejection. It shows what a significant imprint the absence of love in childhood leaves for the rest of your life. The heroine could not even speak out, because no one was listening to her. All this unsufferable pain accumulated in her chest. It is impossible to keep negative emotions in yourself for a long time. There will definitely be a climax, an explosion, which can lead to serious consequences. The main pain of the girl is the complete indifference on the part of her father.

The meaning of the film “The Titan” is that every person needs support and love. If someone becomes an outcast, his life loses its bright colors. From early childhood, a person needs care and attention. But the heroine was never able to get this from her father. His coldness, closeness, ignorance crippled Alex from an early age. She lived in constant discomfort, although until the last she did not understand that something was wrong with her. The girl just did not know what could be for a friend. After all, she had never been shown any signs of attention. She acted as she saw in her daily life. But her indifferent father showed her a bad example.

In the movie “The Titan” there is also a hero who faced terrible grief. Vincent’s son went missing many years ago. But the hero never learned to live without him. He still deeply experiences an irreparable loss. In his soul, a void has already formed forever, which nothing can fill. An unexpected meeting of two lonely people showed: they finally found what they had been looking for for so long. Vincent will no longer have to deceive not only himself, but also the people around him. Alexa understood what care, respect and unconditional love are.

In the face of Vincent, the girl sees her father as he should be. The old fireman again felt that he was needed by someone. Now he is ready to give his fatherly care and love again. The bold and ambiguous film “The Titan” showed that a person needs a person. It is the one who will become for another a source of sincerity, participation, support. The one you can rely on in any difficult situation. The one who will never deceive or betray, despite difficult circumstances. During periods of mental suffering, doubt, it is important to have a shoulder next to you that you can lean on.

The film “The Titan” is a story in which great importance is given to symbols. Man is a complex subtle nature. In the life of the heroine, initially there were only cold and emptiness. The girl was deprived of love. But one event helped her turn all her ideas about this wonderful feeling. Now she is not alone. Now she can relax, throw off the burden that dragged her down from her soul. The girl found what made her happy. Spiritual harmony and sincere love.

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