Three Steps Above Heaven Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The meaning of the film Three Steps Above Heaven (unofficial Three Meters Above the Sky) is one of the most romantic films of recent times. His viewing will not leave indifferent even the most emotionally persistent people. The film really breaks into tears and makes you remember the most romantic, brightest times of your life, first love and stormy youth.

What is the movie Three Steps Above Heaven about?

The title of the film speaks for itself and conveys the depth of the plot. Experiencing high feelings, people say that they “fly in the sky” or “soar above the earth.” But what happened to the characters in this film turned out to be Three Steps Above Heaven. This is aerobatics, unearthly love, feelings that drive you crazy. The story of two different destinies, two opposites, people who cannot and should not be together. But the feeling that arose between them irresistibly attracts them to each other. And they can’t fight it.

The plot of the film is not new at all: a diligent girl falls in love with a bully. She understands that her parents will never accept him, that he will greatly change her life. However, he helps her to feel incredible freedom and amazing emotions from the madness that she has never done before. New life brings new, strong and unfamiliar sensations. The girl plunges headlong into this world.

The meaning of the film Three Steps Above Heaven

The main character’s name is Babi. She is a diligent student, an obedient daughter raised by strict parents. He is a hooligan, an insane motorcyclist and a wildcat in life. The hero’s name is Ache, although his real name is Hugo. Later it will become known that he changed his name due to difficult life circumstances that he tried to forget.

At the beginning of the film, Hache and Babi meet on the road. She is driving to the institute in a car, and he is standing in the same lane on a motorcycle. Noticing a girl looking out the window, Hache teases her, calling her a “soldier”. Babi pays no attention to him, mistaking him for an ordinary street hooligan.

Later, they meet again at a party where Babi came with her sister. Although Hache and his crazy friends weren’t invited, they manage to sneak in and cause total chaos. Hache approaches Babi and says something cheeky, which causes the girl to throw a glass of cocktail at him. The young man grabs Babi and jumps into the pool with her. Meanwhile, the hostess of the evening calls the police, the guests hastily scatter. Wet Babi has no choice but to agree that Hache will give her a ride home on his motorcycle.

The night incident does not leave the girl’s head. So daring and attractive – he is used to the attention of girls, although he himself is not interested in a serious relationship. The day after the incident, Babi again meets Hache near the institute.

The guy seems funny modest and shy Babi. For his own amusement, he decides to conquer her and fall in love with him. The guy did not suspect that such a game would lead to the fact that he himself would fall in love with a girl.

When Babi and Ache had their first night, the young man compared his feelings as Three Steps Above Heaven. He had never experienced such strong emotions. Relations are established between them, which are given with great difficulty to Babi, because the parents are against the impudent young man. You have to hide, hide and constantly deceive.

Hache shows Babi his world filled with madness and freedom. The girl is overcome by violent emotions, because she has never seen life without limits. A diligent, domestic girl turned into an uninhibited, impudent hooligan. The point of the film is that every person has a hidden potential. Do not close yourself off from life and be afraid of change. Sometimes it’s worth letting in something new and learning new facets, as happened with the main character.

However, change is not always for the better. Ache’s lifestyle proved unacceptable to Babi. She was tired of the endless hooliganism and lawlessness. The last moment was the robbery of the girl’s house by his friends. Babi stops talking. Young people worry and miss each other, but no one makes contact first. Hache can no longer continue his former life, because everything around reminds him of his beloved. He believes that such feelings can only happen once in a lifetime. To forget about the past, he decides to go abroad

The meaning of the ending Three Steps Above Heaven

Time passes, and Babi’s life returns to normal. She marries a worthy man who pleases her parents, but not herself. Hache finds a girlfriend, with the help of which he tries to fill the spiritual emptiness. One day Babi and Hache meet again. Their former love ignites in their hearts, and it seems that they will be together again. But everything turned out differently. They stay with their soul mates because they understand that they have no future together.

Such an ending gives the plot a philosophical meaning. Young people are both crazy about each other. They know that with no one else they can rise in their happiness Three Steps Above Heaven. But the characters have grown up. Babi understands that a person like Hache can completely destroy her life, turn her into chaos and deprive her of the future. Hache himself also understands that Babi will never achieve his life goals next to him. He truly loves her, so he lets go and does not try to keep her. Even the strongest and most beautiful feelings can be destructive for a person.

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