Wrath of Man Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The film “Wrath of Man” tells about a mature man who declared war on the robbers. Los Angeles is rocked by a series of thieves’ raids. Now our hero will find the perpetrators of these crimes and unleash his human wrath on them.

The director of the picture was the famous Guy Ritchie. He gave a lot of worthy films. There are a lot of strong scenes in the film Wrath of Man. For example, in one of them, they show a job application. The boss explains to the newcomer that they are just intermediaries. The place of his future work is the company Fortico. She is in charge of collection. You have to take a lot of money. They are packed in metal boxes. The current task is to deliver these valuable papers from the shopping center and deliver them to the bank vault. Looks like a good period at the trading establishment.

It is hard for people who deliver such big money. The temptation is great, and they perform the usual function of carriers. Wait! The main role in the film is played by famous actor Jason Statham. But he starred in the film “The Transporter”, which was released several years earlier than this film. By the way, Wrath of Man was released in April 2021. Thus, the film deserves attention only because of a good actor who has proven himself well in the film “Transporter”. Now he again needs to carry a very valuable cargo, because everyone around him is just hungry for big money. What if someone decides to rob a collection van?

The film portrays Los Angeles well. A wide panorama of this wonderful city opens up, in which many dream to be. The city lives in this film, it is also the hero of the film. The film is about the transportation of valuable cargo among the human hive. Around cars, pedestrians. Los Angeles is a stone jungle in which you need to survive. At the end of a hard day as a carrier of valuable cargo, the city is beautifully immersed in the night, which gently covers it with its dark veil.

So, the newcomer is accepted into the ranks of collectors to accompany the van with money. Of course, Jason Statham plays the role of a newcomer who will guard the valuable cargo. An actor of this magnitude is filmed only in spectacular films, so the banal robbery of a collector’s car will not be shown in the movie. The hero of Statham has his own biography. He once survived a robbery. A loved one died, so the hero yearns for revenge. Like the earlier character, The Transporter, Statham is dressed in a stylish suit and tie. Other characters wear the same clothes. Thus, films about gentlemen who shoot at each other, beautifully filling snow-white shirts with scarlet blood, have not gone anywhere yet. No one is sorry here. Aim for the head or heart. Only defeat opponents. Big money requires big sacrifices. Everyone knows what they’re getting into.

There is a lot of male humor in the film, which originates from the locker rooms. The viewer immediately understands that he is in a harsh team. So expect a brutal spectacle. All raiders and wagon guards are uncompromising people who can easily take up arms. They are superhuman, able to easily dodge bullets and shoot accurately. You have to rely only on yourself, since all law enforcement officers are bribed and no one will come to the rescue. The entire city hive consists of traps in which the raiders on the collection van sat down. Guy Ritchie, the director of the film, is one of the old guard who knew how to make strong men’s films.

There are references to the heroes of antiquity in the film, but not direct ones. Even when the opening credits are shown, old engravings from that period are shown. The hero of Statham is like a kind of spirit that appears out of nowhere. And his enemies are represented by unclean creatures, which must be overtaken by Wrath of Man. By the way, towards the end of the film, the melody “Ride of the Valkyries” plays. According to mythology, these maidens took the most valiant fallen warriors to Valhalla. And Statham’s character can be such a hero. But he is no longer a man, but a spirit of vengeance. In the film, he is laconic, has a heavy look.

On one of the posters, he is standing with his eyes downcast. in a nice jacket. But this is not embarrassment, he is immersed in thought. But about what? Maybe about a lost loved one or about the futility of everything that happens. After all, everything around, including explosions, shootings, chases, robberies, can be viewed with irony. People do not change. Generation after generation they will rob and kill each other. If you look closely at the face of the protagonist, with his eyes lowered, then we can assume that he is about to laugh darkly. After all, what is happening is absurd, but how spectacular. It remains only to watch this wonderful film and remember the simple and fun action genre.

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