The Worst Person in the World Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The main character of the film is Julie. The girl lives in Oslo, millions of people around her are not like her life. By the age of thirty, she rethinks her life and wants to find a purpose. The girl is full of energy and determination. Julie’s youth and self-confidence, self-confidence help her on the way to her goals. Having entered the Faculty of Medicine, she decides to go to study as a psychologist. At first she likes psychology, but this does not drag her on for long. Later, the girl is fond of photography. Julie is trying to fulfill herself and overcome various obstacles in finding herself.

She gets a job as a sales clerk in a bookstore. In her personal life, she has to change many boyfriends. She meets the artist Axel and tries to change her attitude to life and perception of the world. A couple in love spends a lot of time together, but misunderstanding arises between them. The girl is again not sure of her choice and is not ready to start a serious relationship. Axel, on the contrary, dreams of creating a strong family. Julie cannot give an answer to a man when she is ready to create a young cell of society. Her desire to create something more does not allow her to simply live an ordinary life.

The girl breaks up with Axel and begins a new relationship with Eyvind. Axel is hospitalized with a serious illness. Soon the girl finds out that she is pregnant and visits Axel in the hospital. The girl decides to become a mother and feels the old connection with her former lover. He thinks Eyvind doesn’t understand her. “Worst person” refers to Julie, because she uses people like toys. But Eyvind mentions in the film that he feels like the worst thing in the world.

The meaning of the film is that modern society is heartless, ruthless and cruel. Feelings and love can cross out in one day and forget about sensual relationships, don’t give a damn about relationships. For any reason, they can quit – you don’t love like that, you don’t understand your partner like that, or for another reason. But the heart has to suffer because of such a selfish attitude, the fate and life of people are crumbling. Julie, not yet parting with Axel, goes on a date with Eyvind.

Subconsciously, she decided to break up with him, but does not tell the ex-man. Only a few days later, she decides to clarify the relationship. Axel dies. Jilly has a miscarriage and breaks up with Eymond. She achieved success in her career, became a successful photographer. Subconsciously, she suffers from the fact that she failed to build a family with Eymond, about the unborn child. Prejudice, misjudgment, at the same time, determination and confident demeanor make Julie who she is. The search for the facets of everyone’s life leads to a logical conclusion.

Throwing between choosing a profession and trying to arrange a personal life does not allow her to make a choice and stop. The main character has to rush between her dreams and desires. She does not stop if she is overtaken by failures, she believes in herself and her destiny and destiny. Julie is impulsive, she herself does not know what to expect from herself. She is open and without complexes, the girl does not hesitate to speak frankly about sexuality, she conducts experiments with her orientation.

The attention of the viewer is attracted by the strong side of the girl – she easily parted with the usual things, hobbies and just as confidently quickly finds herself a new hobby. Changes young people without thinking. The girl’s behavior is confident, the director shows the viewer the modern generation in the face of the main character. The director showed the viewer the ordinary life of a young woman; the human soul is deeply explored in the film. At first, the main character seems frivolous, who is engaged in nonsense. From the middle of the film, the viewer begins to sympathize with the heroine and worry about her. The situations in which the characters find themselves often occur in real life.

Norwegian director Joakim Trier shot this film in 2021. The film shows the life of modern society. After watching the film, the viewer involuntarily thinks about his existence and purpose. Excellent directorial work creates an incredible effect and aftertaste.

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