The Story of O Ending Explained & Film Analysis

“The Story of O” is an erotic experiment from director Juste Jaquin. The picture was released in 1975 and, accordingly, received an age limit of 18+. If you briefly describe the plot and the main idea of ​​the work, then this is a film about hidden desires, about the ability to love without a trace.

The meaning of the title of the film “The Story of O”

In this case, “O” is not an excuse, but the name of the main character. Or rather, the first letter of her name. When the action begins in the mysterious castle, the girl meets other guests of this estate, they introduce themselves to her by their own names, and she only calls the first letter of the full name. From this moment until the end of the whole film, the narrator, voice-over, calls the main character exactly Oh, and we simply don’t hear how other characters address her, basically, her name from the lips of the surrounding characters is replaced by a pronoun – depending on status and closeness of communication “you” or “you”.

The meaning of the film “The Story of O”

O and her lover René are riding in a taxi from a daytime walk in the park, and René demands of the girl that she take off everything that is under her dress. O is afraid to ask questions so that the taxi driver does not pay attention, so she obediently does everything, then Rene personally cuts off her bra straps, and the heroine remains completely naked under the dress. He brings her to the Raussi estate and asks her to come out and obey everything that is asked of her in this castle. To her question why he does not go with her, Rene replies that he will sit and wait for her here in the car.

In fact, the young man appears in the castle only a day later. During this time, O learns what will be expected of her in this house. She will be given to all men and receive a prosperous life for it, but two more rules must be followed. The first is to never make eye contact with the male inhabitants of the estate, and the second is to always give them what they need at the first request. Violation of one of the requirements leads to punishment in the form of whips. At the same time, each guest of the castle has his own servant, who is obliged to tie the girl to the bed at night and carry out the punishments assigned to him.

When Rene shows up at O’s, he explains to her that now any man can take her, except himself. This is necessary so that he can prove that, in fact, O belongs to him alone. The heroine agrees to stay in the castle and passes all the tests. At first, this attitude towards herself is unpleasant for her, but gradually she realizes that such a life brings her pleasure. In addition, she passionately wants to prove to Rene and all the men in the castle that she loves only her lover and is ready to endure all trials for him.

Four years later, Oh returns home with Rene, as she was able during this time to show her affection and love for the only man. But the story does not end there, after a week of staying at home, Rene brings the girl to meet Mr. Stephen.

The girl does not understand why Rene continues to demand proof of love and affection from her, because she has gone through so much so that he can be sure of her obedience, but still O continues to obey all the whims of her lover.

Mr. Steven states that if O belongs and obeys Rene, then she belongs to him. If a girl wants to be with her beloved, then she needs to prove her affection for this gentleman. On the first night, the heroine cannot fulfill Stephen’s orders, but later she finds strength and even desire in herself, she enjoys, and completely obeys the new master.

Finally, Oh realizes that getting to know René, her unrequited love for him, all the ordeals she has endured in the castle, and demands from René for more and more evidence of affection is a long way to the one she truly loves. Steven and O realize that they belong only to each other. O decides to brand his body with Steven’s initials.

The meaning of the film’s ending

Meanwhile, Rene and O meet Jacqueline and spend a lot of time together. Steven somehow tells O that Rene is unrequitedly in love with a third girl, and if the main character wants to resolve this love network, then she needs to take possession of the body and soul of Jacqueline, take her, as she once did with O Rene, to Raussy Castle . Then Jacqueline will be trained and will be able to love Rene, and O and Stephen will be able to be together, besides, Stephen will not feel indebted to Rene.

Oh agrees. One of the last scenes of the film is how the main character brings Jacqueline, who is in love with herself, to the castle, sends her inside and says that she will be waiting for her here, like Rene at the beginning of the story.

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