The meaning of the film The Very Same Munchhausen

Baron Munchausen constantly tells stories to acquaintances that seem to be fiction.

Stories about a cherry tree on the head of a deer that grew from a shot with a cherry stone, or about how the baron pulled himself out of the swamp by the hair cause laughter and distrust. But the narrator himself claims that he always tells the truth. Residents of the city where the famous Baron Munchausen lives are already accustomed to these stories.

Everyone in the Baron’s house lives by his strange rules, and they think it’s normal. Munchausen himself sets the time with shots, and he is believed more than a clock. Happiness and fun reign in the baron’s house.

One day, the baron invited another pastor to file a divorce and marry Martha.

The Duke finally allowed Munchausen to divorce. But the ex-wife and son are against it. They come to the duke and try to convince him that the baron is crazy. As proof, they show the duke the baron’s plan for the day. Among the cases are the dispersal of clouds, the feat and the war with England.

And the duke announces mobilization. And at the same time he orders the arrest of the baron. The great inventor infected the whole city with fantasies. A person who makes the night, his calendar and feats is capable of this. At the divorce proceedings, the baron declares that he is giving the city May 32. But the divorce did not take place, which means that there will be no wedding. Martha is tired of waiting and leaves the baron.

At a reception at the Duke, Munchausen explains that he wanted to give the city an extra spring day. The Duke persuades the Baron to be correct, to renounce fantasies. And then he will be married to Martha. The Baron agrees to sign a document in which he renounces his fantasies. But promises the last joke. The baron shot himself. To become an ordinary person for him is like death.

Three years have passed. The city mourns the baron and is going to erect a monument to him. But in fact, the dreamer is alive, only now he is a gardener.

Munchausen returns to the city. He decided to resurrect. But the inhabitants of the city are against it, and are trying to convince everyone and themselves that the baron is an impostor. He was sentenced to probation. Baron must fly on the core. Residents recognized him as a real Munchausen. But the baron climbs a rope ladder, endless as a fantasy world.

What is the meaning of the movie That Munchausen

The meaning of the film is that the baron is different from other people. Thanks to fantasies, his life is interesting.

The most truthful

The Baron believes in his stories, and so does his faithful servant. Munchausen is really sure of his veracity. In his fantasies, the baron is free. He can fly on a cannonball, grow a cherry orchard on a deer’s head, go hunting without a gun, and even talk to Socrates.


Munchausen is not like the inhabitants of the city, he is an unusual person, to make him ordinary means to kill him. And the townspeople wanted the baron to become like everyone else. The great dreamer chose to die. The city only needs the glory of the baron, the memory of him, and they do not need a living Munchausen. People need a legend.

Cruel world

Another important problem is touched upon – the problem of relations between man and society. Cruel people force the baron to give up his flamboyant personality. Society during his lifetime did not accept the baron, but is ready to admire him after death.

The author believes that intransigence towards a smaller part of society must disappear, unique people must be protected, otherwise life will be boring and colorless.

Securely hidden in a film about a great dreamer and one more thought. People do not appreciate loved ones during their lifetime and begin to do so only after death.

Power of love

In the film, the Baron reveals the power of true love. The one who truly loves is capable of any feat. For Munchausen, love is a theorem that needs to be proven every day. You don’t need hackneyed declarations of love, you don’t need feelings in the traditional earthly sense. To give one’s life for the feat of love is the meaning of the life of a great dreamer.

Alive soul

The main idea of ​​the film is that it is important to keep a lively, bright soul, free, like Baron Munchausen himself. She cannot be locked in a cage, she will not be restrained by shackles. The soul should enjoy life and freedom, and without this life cannot be bright and interesting.

The inhabitants of the city and the baron’s family regret the death of Munchausen. They lost something important with his death. And now they are trying to imitate the famous compatriot. For example, they try to pull themselves by the hair. Their souls also demand freedom and joy.

Philosophical beginning

Not without philosophy in the film. The Baron takes life lightly, he accepts it for what it is. He does not remake life, he only paints it in the bright colors of his irrepressible fantasy.

Munchausen blurs the line between reality and fiction, and that’s good. Otherwise life will be very boring.

The meaning of the final

At the end of the film about the great visionary, Baron Munchausen advises everyone not to make serious faces and smile more often. After all, all the stupid things in the world are committed with a serious face.

And the advice of the great inventor is relevant at all times. It is impossible to live without a smile, without it life is boring and uninteresting. The Baron climbs up the endless staircase, which symbolizes the same endless memory of the story of the great dreamer who invented May 32 – another spring day.

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