The Box Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The legendary thriller by Richard Kelly The Box was seen by the audience in 2009. The script for the film was written by the director himself. The film tells the story of a married couple. The stranger gave the heroes a mysterious box. This is no ordinary cute surprise. With this box, the characters will be able to enrich themselves by a million dollars. Myth or reality? What motives prompted the stranger to leave this mysterious gift on the threshold of the spouses’ house? What is the significance of this box in the movie The Box? Let’s try to figure out what the main idea was laid down by the director in his work.

The meaning of the film The Box

Some films lack thrills, complex themes, and sincere acting. But the “Parcel” tape is definitely not one of them. The film initially tells a simple story. Spouses, strange gift, choice. The heroes face a dilemma that turned their whole future life upside down. They argue all night, decide, think. Realizing that their actions can lead to irreversible consequences, the characters put an end to their choice. Did they do the right thing? There is no exact answer to this question. And is there a single correct answer?

Many people work hard to achieve their goals. Others take the easier route. Such a character is indifferent to the fate of others. There are only them. Here and now. They pursue only their own selfish goals. Their dream is to get rich by any means. And again a choice. Will your hand tremble when you press the button?

The talented director filled the film with his vision of the situation, bright colors, unusual moments. Heroes, surrounded by temptations, are one step away from fulfilling their dreams. But the reality may be too harsh. In life, you have to pay for everything. Sometimes with money, and sometimes with their own existence. Often fate tests us for strength. It throws us complex conflicting situations in which we must prioritize and make choices. It also happens that we cannot analyze, understand, weigh. The decision is then left to chance. But who will emerge victorious? For now, this is a big question.

In the film The Box great attention is paid to the details. Sometimes they only flicker in the frame, but at the same time they carry a deep meaning. The director focused on revealing individuality. In the center of the picture is a person with his own strengths and weaknesses of character. Who can condemn the heroes for their act? Only the one who has never succumbed to temptations. But are there such people in society? Are there still among us sincere and honest individuals for whom material wealth does not matter?

“Money can not buy happiness”. Some viewers believe that it is in this famous line that the main meaning of the film The Box lies. In the modern world, much attention is paid to material wealth. But what is the true meaning of money? A controversial story makes everyone look at their lives in a new way. What do we exist for? What is our purpose? Is it worth chasing money in huge quantities? Is it necessary to look for ways to easily extract untold wealth? These are the questions each viewer must answer for himself. The film The Box provides good food for thought. You just need to honestly and openly answer the questions that are raised in the film. We do not pass an exam to someone, we turn to our inner self. You won’t deceive yourself. However, after watching the movie, viewers have the opportunity to draw the right conclusions and reconsider their plans and goals. If you want to become successful and rich, you should not sit and wait for a gift of fate. So you won’t achieve anything. You need to take the will into a fist and go towards your dream. With your path and with your feet.

The meaning of the ending of the film The Box

Throughout the film, the couple had to make difficult choices twice. An offer the heroes couldn’t refuse. There are only two options: yes and no. It seems that there is nothing complicated in this. However, their future life depended on the decision of the spouses. The heroes chose the option that turned out to be closer to them. A picture appeared before the audience, which showed the consequences of the decisions made. But there are not only two characters in this story. There is another side, referred to only as evil.

Why is this concept against spouses? Because only evil exposes a person to temptation. It observes, evaluates, compares and draws conclusions. There are many temptations in the world. Some of them simply cannot be resisted. Therefore, there are moments in which the choice of a person is obvious even in the presence of other options. This is absolute evil. We depend on him. This option does not imply any other outcome.

The scales must be balanced. It is impossible to have everything you want without giving anything in return. An unexpected ending will show that everything in our world is known in comparison. The meaning of the ending of the film The Box is to show the viewer that “nothing falls from the sky.” It takes a lot of effort to achieve success and recognition.

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