The Machinist Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The psychological thriller “The Machinist” shows the hidden abilities of a person. Trevor Reznik – the main character of the film – got into a difficult and confusing situation. The character can’t sleep. This has been going on for a long time. The hero is in a “suspended” state, balancing on the verge of reality and sleep. But soon his situation became more frightening. The character suddenly found himself in a labyrinth full of incredible secrets and mysteries. But how to overcome insomnia and avoid nervous exhaustion? The film “The Machinist” answers this and other questions. Let’s try to figure out what the hidden meaning of the film is.

The meaning of the film “The Machinist”

The central character of the film is Trevor Reznik. Fate was cruel to him. The hero vaguely resembles a man, because all his spiritual, physical strength has dried up, dried up. The character seems to be imprisoned. Insomnia became a living hell for him. Others are watching him through his reflection. Nightmare became Trevor’s constant companions. They are his pain and unbearable torture. Why did it all happen? The main reason is an infrequent conscience. But can the hero find a way out of this situation? For some people, this is unrealistic, because repentance is a responsible and serious step that not everyone can do.

The meaning of the film “The Machinist” is to show what effect his own conscience has on a person. For Trevor, she became an unbearable burden. The motion picture “The Machinist” is a sad story about a sick person who cannot live peacefully and happily because of internal torment. The hero found himself in a harsh reality. He is held hostage by his own conscience.

Madness was worse than any punishment. A fair and life-like film tells that for any dishonest act a person must be justly punished. If he framed, deceived, betrayed, but “came out unscathed”, then conscience is taken to work. A storm begins in his soul, which is gaining momentum very quickly. And now you are standing alone with your own “I”. You cannot hide, hide, disappear, because you cannot deceive yourself. If other people can be made to believe in their truth, then conscience will “eat” you from the inside. Over time it becomes unbearable. You are looking for any way to drown out your own voice. However, this is extremely difficult to do. If a person does not know how to cut, to recognize his mistakes and weaknesses, then very soon he will fall into depression, which leads to nervous exhaustion.

Night without sleep. She exhausts a person. Several such nights in a row, and you can no longer calmly assess the situation, make serious decisions. You are in a half-asleep state, all thoughts are aimed at agreeing with your own conscience. But she does not stop. She doesn’t need conditions. A person must realize why the inner voice does not listen to his desires. Depression can completely take over a person’s mind. She didn’t let her go for a second. He tried to make friends with her, but he failed. The depression got stronger. Nervous exhaustion can kill a person. Everyone around turned out to be against the character. Even his own “I”. With such an opponent, he was not able to cut himself off. The character already wanted to give up, give up. But suddenly a revelation came. He clearly understood that not all was lost. Out of nowhere, the hero had inner forces that directed him on the right path. He has a lot of thought ahead of him. But he has already taken the most difficult first step. He realized why the conscience suddenly woke up.

The meaning of the final film “The Machinist”

The motion picture “The Machinist” is about the fact that everyone should be responsible for their actions. If you commit a crime, get punished. If a person somehow managed to avoid it, then his conscience comes into play. The main character of the film needed to repent of his deed. However, he did not understand this for a long time. Every day his condition became worse and worse. Spiritually and physically, he was very exhausted. How many people can last without sleep? Day? Two? a week? The period of insomnia dragged on for Trevor. He ceased to notice joyful events, to feel the fullness and taste of life. He internally “came apart”, “crumbled”. It took him a while to put himself together piece by piece. Conscience “squeezed” all the juice out of him.

However, the ending of the film was not so sad. The protagonist freed himself from the total control of his conscience, he was able to cope with insomnia. This means that the character realized the act he committed, he sincerely repented. He endured severe punishment. Trevor realized that insanity is a terrible and dangerous state. It haunts you all the time. And you no longer live, but balance on the verge of oblivion and reality. A state that cannot be called a full life. It suppresses the willpower of a person, makes him commit rash acts and dream about what is familiar to each of us. The character just wanted to sleep. However, for this simple desire, he had to pay too dearly.

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