Lamb Explained: Deep Psychologism & Ideology

Meaning Of Lamb (2015) film in which an adult mature man falls in love with a young girl, loses his head and wants her to belong only to him. This film has a slightly different plot, although the problem is the same.

The director decided to show the psychologically and morally difficult confrontation between two different generations, which are connected not just by respectful communication. A fifty-year-old man feels attracted to a girl who will soon blossom into a beautiful young creature. These two characters are trying to get closer to each other: the man makes attempts to talk to the girl, which makes him more of a preoccupied maniac than a pleasant conversationalist. The girl, on the other hand, tries not only to reason as adults do, but also to act in the same way. The two try to get closer to each other, but the gap between them is extremely large. Firstly, they have different views on the world, there is no point in even comparing experience. What did this girl manage to understand in her still short life and what did a fifty-year-old man manage to endure and survive? The difference is clear. Secondly, they grew up at completely different times. Yes, each of them has seen different things in his life, but these are completely different concepts.

Of course, you can blame a man for wanting a relationship with a young girl in his old age, but you can’t blame a man for his feelings. Like any other man, he knows how to love, feel and see beauty. Most likely, he found something native in that little girl, something that he lacked for a long time and that he could not find in other women. A person is drawn to a person not out of obligations and not out of coercion, but because of common interest and common understanding.

You can also say that a man could not find himself in this life – he is confused and does not understand what he needs. The viewer will also not be able to immediately understand why he is communicating with that girl. But it immediately becomes clear what the girl feels – she is worried, because of this she is stressed. It is uncomfortable for her to find a common language with this man, although she understands that the man will not do anything bad to her.

The film shows the subtle and vulnerable psyche of a child who is able to feel and understand everything perfectly. This is a direct signal for parents – their children need to be protected and protected from people who can break them both physically and mentally.

This film is an example of what a forcible reduction of the distance between generations can lead to. Under the influence of an adult formed person, a child cannot develop adequately, since there is a big age difference between them. And the relationship between them is not only friendly – one of them is romantically inclined and passionate about the girl. She still does not look like a self-sufficient woman, capable of managing her feelings and life herself, her psyche is easy to break and distort her worldview.

It seems that the film is really aimed more at the parents of children than at ordinary viewers. It is not normal when a girl seeks solace and support in the person of a man who is completely unfamiliar to her. Why was he able to find an approach to her and become a real friend for her, but why didn’t her own parents become friends for her? She is devoted to herself all day long, no one cares about her, her parents are constantly working. In the evening, instead of playing with the children and asking them how their day went, they sit by the TV and watch programs that are not helpful. They do not think that they are missing the most valuable moments of their lives, that very soon the children will grow up and leave their parental home. All they have to do is keep watching TV.

Gerry showed interest in the girl, and the young creature reached out to him, because at least someone paid attention to her, at least someone became interested in her. At such moments, responsible parents should be alert: is their child in danger and how can this all end? The man, apparently, was not sure that he would perform the correctly planned act and was frightened of himself. He didn’t finish what he started. This saved the girl – she, due to her youth, was afraid, she wanted under her mother’s wing because of fear and uncertainty.

This film is a cry for help from children who are ignored by their parents. The film’s ending is known, but in real life it may not always be so condescending. You need to pay more attention to your children and love them as much as possible.

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