Eternals Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

After watching the trailers of the novelty, all fantasy fans were waiting for the release of a new film from the creators of Marvel comics on the big screens. Expectations were not in vain – the film Eternals appeared at the box office.

The first frames of the picture

From the very first seconds, the film begins to remotely resemble the beginning of Star Wars. Binding to the galactic space, the same introduction (prehistory) of the plot of Eternals. Only the music is different, but the lyrics are about the same. Somewhere in places, the film adaptation resembles episodes of the comic book Batman v Superman.

After the introduction, the creators of the picture introduce the audience to all the characters, including those playing secondary roles. There are a lot of characters, so remembering all of them is quite difficult, and the essence of each is revealed in the film to a minimal extent. To understand what kind of character, how he lives, what problems gnaw at him – and in general, you simply do not have time to feel the souls of one or two heroes.

About the heroes of the film “Eternals”

The meaning of the existence of the “Eternals” and “Celestials” becomes clear from the first frames of the picture, closer to the middle, the essence of life among the people of the “Deviants” is revealed.

The “Eternals” are outwardly similar to humans, but they have an inner strength of a much higher level than that of earthlings. At the same time, fantastic heroes are practically immortal. The “Eternals” are represented in the film as a kind of aliens who have been living on the planet for many thousands of years among ordinary people. They were sent to Earth by the “Celestials” so that the “Eternals” would monitor the earth’s population, directing it in the right direction for development. But at the same time, heroes do not have the right to manifest themselves in human life.

Almost nothing is revealed about the essence of the third caste of characters in the film. According to the plot, it becomes a little clear that these are negative characters, but it is not clear to fully understand: for what purpose they were created and why they are representatives of the dark side. The only thing that can be clearly seen is that the “Deviants” are ardent enemies of people. They are ready to destroy and destroy everything in their path.

The general plot of the film Eternals

Despite the fact that the film adaptation poorly reveals the history and essence of the characters themselves, nevertheless, the film shows interesting moments related to changes in the Earth over many millennia.

According to the plot, Eternals appeared on Earth approximately seven thousand years before our era. And all these millennia they live on the planet among ordinary people. In the film adaptation, it shows the change in the globe from the moment  Eternals appeared on it to this day. Interesting and beautiful episodes about changes on the Earth came from the creators of a fantastic picture.

But along with colorful graphics, the first impressions of each character are distorted. The blurring of the characters evokes mixed feelings, which arouses the desire to watch the film. But with each scene of the plot, interest in the familiar hero disappears somewhere, indifference to each of them appears. I want to see other superheroes, maybe someone is better than the one I have already seen.

The general meaning of the film adaptation

Several millennia ago, “Eternals” appeared on Earth, which have immeasurable strength, immortality and invulnerability. They observe the people of the places where they are at a given moment in time. Moving in space, they control the mind of every person on the planet, changing some moments of his consciousness, so that the future of a particular person and all of humanity as a whole should positively affect.

Each superhero has a set of common abilities, but also each of them has a certain power that slightly stands out from the others. While doing everyday things on Earth (for which the “Eternals” were sent to the planet), they began to notice that if you develop your emerging power, it becomes more effective.

Previously, “Deviants” appeared on Earth, who demolished everything they touched. Their goal is to destroy everything on the globe. If humanity is left face to face with these anti-heroes, this will lead to an apocalypse, as a result of which not a single person may remain on Earth. Therefore, Eternals fight them in order to save the life of people and the planet. Throughout the film, the confrontation between Eternals and the Deviants can be traced.

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