The Autopsy of Jane Doe Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The horror film The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) is a story about two pathologists. The characters had to establish the cause of death of a young girl. But there are no visible marks of violence on the victim’s body. Who is she? Why did she die? The answers to these questions will reveal the secret to the life and mysterious death of a beautiful girl. But what is the meaning of the filmmakers in their work “The Demon Inside” in the horror genre?

Pathologists are accustomed to using the well-known phrase in their difficult activities: “An autopsy will show.” Only in this movie is not so clear cut. It all started with a strange incident. The sheriff delivered the body of an unidentified girl to the local morgue. The identity of the victim could not be established. Mysterious murder under extremely mysterious circumstances. Two pathologists, father and son, take up the case. The storyline is based on their relationship with each other. Throughout the story, viewers feel the mystical atmosphere created by the authors of the film.

The meaning of the film The Autopsy of Jane Doe

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a bewitching, intriguing, dark story that doesn’t let go until the very end. Did the girl become a participant in the rite of sacrifice ?! Over time, the characters began to realize that they had fallen into a trap. Initially, they did not appreciate the danger of the situation. But then it was too late. The main events of the film take place in a dark basement, from which it is not so easy to get out. Power surges, flashing lights, strange noises in the hallway. The heroes of the film begin to feel someone’s sinister gaze on themselves, their hands go cold with fear. And the constant feeling that something is wrong here.

The characters are separated from other people. There is no one to ask for help. And the audience, along with two pathologists, are also cut off from society. Fear comes to the fore, which fetters movement, paralyzes feelings and thoughts. Fear that creeps into the heart. The film The Autopsy of Jane Doe is about how people in non-standard situations struggle with their obsessive thoughts. The characters are terrified, but they continue to do their job. The heroes of the film do not resist their fears. They are determined to finish what they started. If a person resists his fear, he does not move forward in his development. He walks in circles again and again, making the same movements. You have to accept your fear. It is a kind of impetus, an incentive for future growth. This is the main meaning of the film The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

Every person has the ability to choose. And the characters of the film also face a choice. But do they realize the gravity of the situation? Only by knowing himself, knowing his fears and weaknesses, a person understands who he really is. Not everything in life is always simple and easy. A person should know that difficulties can lie in wait for him at every step. But this should not become an obstacle in its development.

The ominous silence that occurs in some episodes adds to the already gloomy atmosphere. The intrigue continues until the very end. But can an all-consuming fear become an obstacle on the way to the goal? Everyone struggles with their inner demons throughout their lives. These are not only obsessive thoughts, fears, but also complexes. It is important to understand that a person independently erects frames and restrictions in his head. It is necessary to get rid of this, then life will sparkle with new colors. It’s just that it’s extremely difficult to do so.

Atmospheric strong film The Autopsy of Jane Doe is not just a horror movie. This is a solid, meaningful, thoughtful work about what excites every person. At certain stages of life, people go through trials that initially seem insurmountable. Often a person gives up without trying to overcome their inner fears. He turns around and leaves. A step towards betraying your dream and never reaching your desired goal. But some people don’t give up. Yes, they are difficult, painful, scary. Only they know it’s worth it. After all the trials, they will find what they have been going for so long. Sometimes they close their eyes, grit their teeth, but move forward. The goal they set for themselves motivates them to new achievements.

The creators of the film presented the audience with an interesting, exciting and emotional work. The authors seem to play on the feelings of fans of the horror genre. They show the serene face of the victim many times. The girl’s body holds many secrets, but the filmmakers do not seek to reveal all the secrets at once. The director started a kind of game with the audience. People should turn to themselves, listen to their inner voice and understand what fears and doubts they are tormented by. Human existence is filled with anxieties and worries. But this is not a reason to deprive yourself of everyday joys and bright events. Man must learn to coexist with his fears. Obsessive thoughts should fade into the background, giving way to purposefulness and confidence. The human soul is full of mysteries, the answers to which everyone has to find. After all, the quality of life depends on it.

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