The Conversation Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The Meaning Of The Film “The Conversation”: What Is It About & What Is Its Main Idea? The premiere of the film took place back in 1974 and attracted the attention of the audience with the unusual plot. In it, Harry Cole becomes a hostage of his own profession: he listens to people and transfers recordings of their conversations to customers. His profession left a huge imprint on himself and his behavior in society. He finds himself in a situation where he himself becomes the subject of surveillance and is forced to feel for himself how it is when you are constantly being watched and listened to every conversation you have.

What is the meaning of this film and why has it become a classic? Let’s try to figure it out.

Everyone knows about the boomerang law. He arrives quite unexpectedly, but strikes with such force that a person begins to think about his actions and behavior. The same thing happened with the main character: he had been doing his job perfectly all his adult life, but the moment came when he had to fully experience what it was like to be constantly on target. This happens with many people – they do dirty tricks to others and do not understand that a person can meet on their way who will show them their place and help them realize how to live in this world. Fortunately, life very quickly teaches such people to live right and not do stupid things.

The film was made as a reminder that a person can very easily find himself in situations in which he dragged others around. Everything in this life will surely return to the one who sends these thoughts into society. The more kindness and mercy in you, the more you will receive it from other people, but it is not a fact that this will be appreciated. The more bile and evil comes out of a person, the less close people he has who are able to accept him as he really is. We only receive what we give.

The meaning of the film is that a person gives to human society only what he himself wants to receive. And it’s important to remember right away that you have to give much more than you get in the end. Yes, it is not always appreciated, but it works. No one loves an evil person who pities others only for the bad, everyone pities him, because this person is unhappy. Otherwise, they will say about the person who broadcasts warmth and kindness to others – they loved him, showed him how to properly bring kindness to this world, it must be shared and not spared by those who really deserve it.

It depends only on us with what thought we start a new day, because this will be the whole day – good or bad, sunny or cloudy. The meaning of the film is quite understandable and simple – a person creates his life on his own with the help of his mood and thoughts. If he has negative thinking, then everything around him will be bad: people, weather, animals, even the most beloved things and objects will not cause him much pleasure. But there are people who rejoice already because of that. that the sun appeared in the sky, and lilacs bloomed in the garden. Such people have days filled with miracles and pleasant chores.

If you work as a sniper, remember that at one fine moment they can also point the muzzle of a machine gun at you. If you are a seller in a store, you can be a buyer at any time. Life is fleeting and suspicious, it changes very quickly. You should not show everyone your wealth by showing off it, because tomorrow you may not have it. It is the same with poverty – there is no reason to complain about it – tomorrow everything can change. Nothing in this life can be taken seriously. It is better to treat everything with irony – this skill saves you from bad thoughts and sets you up for a positive result in any situation.

Life brings many surprises and you need to be ready for everything, because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow, and what happened yesterday no longer matters. It is important to value yourself and grow a warm feeling of happiness inside – it takes very little, as it turned out. Happiness is within each of us, so you should pay more attention to yourself, and not waste your energy on everyday problems.

The film deserves the attention of the audience and clearly claims the status of one of the most insightful and highly intellectual films.

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