Hellbound Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Korean movies are especially popular these days, especially after the squid game hit the big time. Another Korean series followed, which aroused no less interest, became interesting for fans of Korean films and just people who want to watch something new and relevant. This is a completely different story, because he talks about the supernatural, about monsters that perform a direct function – they take people to Hell.

The meaning of the film Hellbound is that some people have an angel who tells the time and date of their departure to hell. Then, at the appointed time, demons appear who beat the convict and take his life, while at the same time in the film they talk about the fact that there is a special religious organization New Truth, it is her followers who interpret these actions as Divine Providence, punishment for sinful deeds.

After the film, a lot of questions arise, it is important to clarify a number of events that preceded all these factors, while the denouement appears by the end of the season. The end of the season is dedicated to the baby, he was told from heaven that the baby would die. When the creators of the New Truth found out about this situation, they withheld the information, because it would not be possible to explain the sentence for the newborn. If these data would have surfaced, then it would have been the collapse of their entire ideology, because they were trying to prove that only sins can cause evil spirits. The monsters came to pick up the child, but his father and mother tried to protect him until the very end, while the creatures burned them, but the child turned out to be alive to the delight of all spectators.

In addition, at the end of the film, Park June is resurrected, monsters appeared in the third series for her, it was this situation that turned out to be a turning point and decisive in the further development of the plot. This phenomenon was shown on television, and this is what convinced everyone that the New Truth Sect is completely true. The place of death of the heroine became a museum, her remains were placed under a special glass dome, but at some point the glass completely cracked, and the woman was resurrected, as if she had just had a nightmare.

It became known that the second season will be released, it will finally reveal all the significant questions, that is, can God mistakenly take life, why is Park resurrected, and is this a manifestation of some kind of supernatural situation. To understand the situation about this series, there are not enough facts, because the return of Park is the beginning, perhaps the espionage was on the reverse side, some believe that the return to life is due to the lawyer, because she considered herself guilty of demonstrating the execution to the public, because she put his goal is to uncover the truth about the sect. The plot of the film is mysterious, unusual, many were carried away by it. As for the actors, many of them are unknown to us, especially for those who do not watch Korean films. In any case, the actors match their roles, the film is worth watching carefully. It is important to consider all the details, but some clarification of certain cases may still be required.

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