Beast Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Beast (2017) is thriller genre has always been of interest to the audience because of its engaging plot, which is able to keep you in suspense and thirsty to find out how it all ends. One of the representatives of such paintings can be considered the film Beast, released in 2017. We offer to understand the main idea that the authors wanted to convey to us, because it is far from always lying on the surface.

The film itself is very contrasting and unusual. It begins as a drama about an unhappy girl who can’t find herself in life, not knowing what it’s like to feel loved and truly love another. In the middle, it opens to the viewer as a melodrama about the love of a woman and a man who are trying to be together and live happily, despite the opinion of society. But towards the end, the picture is a psychological thriller that reveals the horror that people often face. Perhaps not in such a vivid form, but you must admit that there are often inconsistencies with the expected actions from a person and the harsh reality that can be so difficult and almost impossible to come to terms with.

What is the movie Beast about?

A girl named Moll lives in a very unusual place. Here, abductions of girls are not uncommon, whose corpses are buried shallowly and with obvious signs of strangulation. When Moll manages to escape, the final kill takes place. In cases of kidnapping of girls, Pascal becomes the main suspect, since he is not local, and even keeps weapons. However, Pascal takes Mall to his home, behaving quite decisively, boldly and even impudently.

Pascal for Moll becomes a real ideal of a man, that angel of salvation, which she had been waiting for so long, but did not realize her dream. The girl felt real warmth for the first time in her life. Previously, she lived in her parents’ house, where they did not understand her and even spread rot for her unusualness, and simply for the fact that she is. This manifested itself so much that even on her twenty-seventh birthday, Moll did not experience any joy.

Pascal is still suspected of the murders. Could it be that he had contacted Moll to ward off the eyes of the suspects? Maybe he wants to recruit a girl for himself? Maybe they are both killers with a well-thought-out plan? Or maybe one of them is just hiding something from the other? The audience will find out the answers to these questions in the film.

The ending really suits the thriller genre. It is so unexpected and sharp that even those who have seen a million of these paintings will surely be delighted with what they see. The actions of the characters in the film cause trembling in the body and delight in the mind.

The meaning of the film Beast

The name of the film was given to him for a reason. Beast is hidden in each of us, but it does not manifest itself in the most obvious way. It manifests itself when there is a sharp choice between two things, in those extreme situations that a person is not used to. No matter how you promise, no matter how you swear eternal fidelity or in anything else, you cannot fully take such statements on faith.

The second idea of ​​the film is the theme of love. This is a magical feeling that has been sung by great poets, writers, artists, directors and musicians more than once. Love really shows in a person all the best and most beautiful, but for some reason it is not customary to talk about the negative impact of love. The film shows that this gentle sublime feeling can blind the lover. He looks at the object of sighs not with an adequate sober look, but through rose-colored glasses, through which everything is wonderful. There is no question of a real assessment of a person here, and what is the guarantee that the lover will not end up in an uncomfortable position in life?

The meaning of the ending of the movie Beast

The ending of the film makes us understand that murderers, thieves and other criminals are also people. Do not think that they can be seen for several kilometers due to their strange behavior, because this is not the case.

Each of us can turn out to be a criminal, whether it be your spouse, a distant relative or just an acquaintance. They are no different from the rest: they can love and hate, they start families, they can easily walk down the street and be near you. Except that they are engaged in criminal activities.

It is always worth trying to take a sober look at every person that surrounds you, regardless of how you feel about him. Who knows, maybe your feelings make you close your eyes to obvious things that others can clearly see?

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