Symbol Explained & Review: What’s Up With the Ending?

Suddenly, a person finds himself alone with himself in a white room. There are no windows here. In addition, the character is wearing a strange yellow pajamas with polka dots. Why is he here? How did the person get here? And most importantly, why? Will he be able to leave his trap? Already at the beginning of the film Symbol (2009), the creators put too many questions before the audience. Their goal is to confuse or, on the contrary, lead to the true path? To understand this, it is necessary to analyze the film and catch the hidden meaning.

Initially, a person cannot even decide for himself who left him in this room. Is this a trap?! Will it be able to get out of its strange captivity? At the same time, the action of the film takes the audience to a small provincial town located in Mexico. The wrestler with the unusual nickname Snail Man will have to fight in the ring with his opponent. This fight promises to be tense and spectacular, because it is so important for a character who is at the peak of his career. But what does this event have to do with the prisoner in the yellow pajamas?

The meaning of the film Symbol (2009)

Human life is fast-paced, it never stands still. Most of the people living on the planet do not stand out from the rest of the mass. People are in constant chaotic movement. Sometimes they do not even think about the meaning of their existence. But the creators of the film “Symbol” are sure that everyone’s choice is already predetermined. Even if it seems that this is an accident, a combination of circumstances, the influence of external factors.

In the center of the story are two completely different characters. Nothing connects them, their life paths have never crossed. They have different goals and priorities. They are even in opposite corners of the planet. The film “Symbol” can be called a surreal comedy, in which fun borders on the absurd. The situation the character finds himself in is ridiculous. Many viewers may think that this film is made purely for entertainment purposes. However, it is not. The creators have put a deep meaning into their creative work, which is difficult to discern at the beginning or even the middle of the story. Only in the finale do the authors show the seriousness of the topic, the main idea of ​​the film.

Can we say that this film is about God? In religion, the arbiter of destinies is presented in the form of a wise, correct, consistent and responsible creator. All his actions are logical and clearly verified. No extra movement. All actions carry a true meaning, which not everyone can immediately discern. However, his actions are undeniable. It cannot be condemned, it is forbidden to contradict. You can only humbly accept what falls to your lot. The task of a person is to pray and ask for help. The arbiter of fate himself decides what tests will be within the power of everyone.

But in the film “Symbol” God appears in a slightly different way. Unfair, stupid, indifferent to other people’s experiences. There is inconsistency in his actions, and his actions are difficult to attribute to logical ones. The meaning of the film “Symbol” is that you should not wait for the gifts of fate, cry out to God. You need to rely only on yourself and your strengths. Nobody else will help you. The arbiter of fate is cruel, because he allows the outbreak of wars, some people live below the poverty line, starve and die without receiving the desired help.

If you want to be saved, help yourself. The rest don’t care what’s going on in your soul, going on in your life. Sad and sad. But no one can change this. Sometimes a person loses everything he has. The only thing he has left is faith in fate. However, do not rely too much on the will of the creator. To achieve something, you need to do something. Otherwise, the person will just stand still. Or even go under. And the arbiter of fate is unlikely to lend him a helping hand.

But each viewer must answer the main question of the film “Symbol” for himself: is everyone’s choice already predetermined? And who is he, the one who presses the imaginary buttons on which the further existence of a single person depends. A deep and thought provoking film.

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