The meaning of the film Stay 2005

The extraordinary film “Stay” is impossible to accurately describe. This is a series of endless strange events, interesting characters, interweaving and interconnections of heroes. It loses the line between human imagination and reality. To what state can a person be driven by his fantasies and obsessive thoughts? The hidden meaning and the main idea of ​​the film “Stay”.

What is the movie “Stay” about?

The Brooklyn Bridge. Henry Letham miraculously survived a horrific car accident. The car is on fire, there is not a scratch on the main character. In the next scene, psychiatrist Sam Foster shares his thoughts with his lover about his patient, Henry. The novice artist began to notice strange abilities in himself. He sees what will happen in the near future. In addition, Henry began to be haunted by mysterious voices.

The student is often depressed, he cannot forgive himself for a terrible car accident. Henry does not trust his psychiatrist, because he recently began to receive treatment from him. The hero seriously intends to commit suicide, he is often overcome by gloomy thoughts. Dr. Sam worries about his patient. The psychiatrist’s lover, Lila, volunteered to help dissuade Henry from committing suicide.

Dr. Sam carefully reviews the hero’s medical record. To get to know his patient better, he tries to contact his former attending physician, Levy. However, no one answers the phone calls. He went to Levy’s house, where he found the psychiatrist insane. Sam then unexpectedly meets Henry’s mother and realizes that his patient did not kill his parents. After that, a series of strange, inexplicable events occur. But what is it? A stormy fantasy of a mentally ill person, another reality or a perfectly thought out crime?

The meaning of the film “Stay”

Reality is closely related to our imagination. Sometimes it is not completely clear what it is: reality or fiction? A person can create in his head such a world as he wants. Wild fantasy often works wonders. However, our consciousness brings us not only positive moments. Obsessive thoughts, fears overcome people at the most inopportune moment.

The psychological thriller “Stay” is about the fact that some people are not satisfied with the reality in which they are. They begin to abstract from society, they are no longer interested in real life. Why would they do this if they can come up with an ideal world for themselves. Often people do not understand what they want, they are in search of themselves. There are those who are “stuck” between fiction and reality.

The actions that the viewer sees on the screen are provoked by the brain of the protagonist. The character is about to die. He is doomed. There is simply no chance of salvation. He only has a few moments. It is for these precious seconds of life that his consciousness is fighting. The brain, which until recently functioned properly, will soon die. What to do with memories, feelings, thoughts? They are not ready to leave the world. The hero’s imagination tries to cling to life. Inflamed consciousness Henry refuses to believe in what is happening.

Images, faces, people flash before the dying guy. The hero draws his imaginary picture of the world, but it has nothing to do with reality. Often in our head we draw events that we dream about, that we aspire to. Our imagination sometimes makes up a whole scenario in which the whole spectrum of human feelings is intertwined. Pain and disappointment, anger and joy. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. However, despair must never be allowed to prevail over faith and hope. After all, after this feeling, only emptiness remains in the soul. Despair is the denial of life.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Stay”

“The whole world is an illusion.” Does reality really exist or are we all hostages of our imagination? Where is the line between dream and reality? The director of the psychological film “Stay” tried to answer these questions. The viewer had to think a lot to unravel the ending of the film.

Many critics believe that the aspiring artist decided to take a desperate step because of a huge sense of guilt. Realizing that he cannot exist without the closest people, he takes his own life. Nobody and nothing can stop him. Without his parents, his life has lost all meaning. “Forgive me”. A phrase repeated many times. Henry does not know how to continue to live with such a heavy burden. Hopelessness, the tragedy of a single person. Unbearable longing binds him, he lacks air.

Caring people tried to dissuade the hero from suicide. However, he could not do otherwise. He could not return from his own world, which is woven from illusions, to reality. He became a hostage to his imagination. When a person is overcome by spiritual hardships and problems, it is important to find the strength in yourself to rise and move on. Fantasies cannot be allowed to prevail over reality. You cannot live solely in your own imagination. The director told the poignant story of a man with his gnawing pain and unbearable suffering. The tragedy of a single character, which exposed his soul, showed all his personal qualities and determined the point of no return.

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