The meaning of the film Stalker 1979 by Tarkovsky

The film-parable “Stalker” is based on the work of the Strugatsky brothers “Roadside Picnic”. Director Andrei Tarkovsky managed to create an incredible fantasy film that has been relevant for over forty years. What is the meaning of the movie “Stalker”? What is the main idea behind the film?

What is the movie “Stalker” about?

The place and time are fictitious. Heroes do not have names, they are distinguished only by nicknames. The main character of the film is a man who recently left the prison walls – “Stalker”. The hero is forced to make ends meet, his family is below the poverty line. His wife and daughter, who is ill, live with him. The only income of the protagonist is the organization of illegal expeditions to the mysterious Zone.

However, the Stalker’s wife is extremely unhappy with his illegal activities. But what is this zone? The protagonist assures that this secret place is fraught with a lot of mysteries. Twenty years ago, a meteorite fall was recorded within the Zone. Some time later, anomalous phenomena were recorded in this mysterious area. In addition, not all visitors to the Zone returned back, some disappeared without a trace.

A legend has appeared among the population that this secret area is similar to a mysterious room where the most cherished desires come true. After this information, the Zone was limited to the keys with wire. However, the number of people wishing to visit the mysterious area increased every day. Therefore, military cordons began to follow the Zone. To get to the secret room, the Writer and the Professor decided to seek help from the Stalker.

The meaning of the movie “Stalker”

The characters don’t have names. The writers gave the characters only nicknames. These are impersonal images that are conditional in the film. This story is not about specific individuals. The features that would characterize a person as a single individual are blurred. Collective images appear before the viewer.

In the film “Stalker” there is a minimum of action and special effects. The emphasis is on human communication, the characters talk to each other. Who is “Stalker”? A criminal who, risking his life, organizes trips to the Zone. He no longer imagines his existence without this secret area. She attracts the hero with her secrets and mysteries.

Who is a Writer? This character has lost his taste for life, his muse. He is sure the Zone will give him inspiration and new ideas. He is obsessed with this thought, which has become his main life goal. He is not interested in any obstacles or difficulties that are possible on his difficult path. However, after the Writer found himself within the mysterious area, his plans changed dramatically. For some reason, he decided to betray his dream. According to the hero, no one is able to understand their true desires, so this Zone is absolutely meaningless.

What does the image of the Professor say? The hero has an analytical mindset, he pursues a clear goal. He knows exactly what he wants to achieve and what to achieve. The strength of his spirit cannot be broken. He is concerned with the problems of all mankind. The zone for the Professor is a place of increased danger, on which the future of the entire planet depends. He has his own goals and plans regarding the trip to the secret area.

But when the heroes crossed the threshold of the mysterious room, they were overcome by doubts. They seem to be able to ask for anything. Any of their cherished desires can come true. But each of them faced internal contradictions. According to the Writer, it is impossible to control the dreams that are in your soul. This is an unconscious process. The professor, who intended to blow up the room with a pre-prepared bomb, realized that this action was pointless.

The main character is confused. He doesn’t know what to do next. Here it is, this wishing room. But if it is destroyed, as previously planned by the participants in the campaign, people will have no hope left. “Stalker” sadly realizes that he failed to successfully complete his mission. Being one step away from the realization of their most secret desires, the heroes did not begin to think of anything.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Stalker”

The Zone is a gloomy abstract place. However, it was he who became the meaning of the existence of the protagonist. For the Stalker, this is a symbol of freedom, a symbol of hope, a symbol of faith. This film is about finding oneself, the meaning of life. Did the heroes manage to comprehend the secret of the human soul? This incredible journey was inward. Each of the characters faced one on one with their fears, obsessive thoughts, emotions. Everyone looked at themselves from the side.

The writer tried all the way to the room to convey to the characters the philosophical foundations of being. It is these questions that torment not only the heroes, but also many viewers. Why do we do this and not otherwise? Where is the line that should not be crossed under any circumstances? What can we master, and what can we not do? People believe in miracles, they hope for the best to the last. However, they are constantly plagued by doubts. Materialism is waging a fierce struggle against miracles.

“Stalker” tried to believe. In addition, he tried to instill hope in others. But his companions refused the miracle. The wishing room is meaningless. The film is about not looking for miracles, they are always with us, just look around carefully.

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