Sleepers Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film Sleepers (1996) will tell the story of four young people. They ended up in prison for their crimes. This is where the real violence against them begins. Prison guards love to mock prisoners.

The viewer is waiting for a lot of scary moments. For example, a guard forces a boy to pray and then rapes him. There is a scene in the film in which the guys many years later remember their life in the colony. But everyone is to blame for a bad case, because of which they find themselves in places that are not so remote.

Films about people in closed collectives, such as correctional facilities. Here again we are talking about teenagers. But the movie is hard to watch. The scenes of bullying look real. The viewer can easily put himself in the place of the characters. And that’s the scariest thing. Despite the fact that the main characters are teenagers, the film is very heavy. It keeps you in suspense until the very end. No one is immune from getting into a correctional facility and from the lawlessness of the guards of that place.

This film is intended for adults and an older audience, which consists of young guys over 18 years old. People may not understand the film itself, its idea, but they will not remain indifferent to the scenes of violence. If you think about it, on the screen of a movie, the torture and murder of one person in a thriller looks worse than the death of 100 people in an action movie. Genres are different. But people have to watch thrillers to know what happens in life. No one is immune from such things.

Scenes of bullying in the film are reflected in the form of flashbacks. In the real world, two of those boys, as adults, killed one of those guards who tortured them as children. Did they have the right to do so? On the one hand, yes, they did. On the other hand, no. After all, they also committed crimes, so they ended up in a penal colony. It is noteworthy that the prosecutor is also one of these guys. He plays for time in every possible way so that the process goes longer and does nothing according to the investigation. As a result, everything turns into a long and tedious process, endless, practically. During the process, the Catholic priest Bobby also helps the guys.

He goes as a witness, but tries to confuse the investigation in order to justify the guys. The prosecutor also strives to close the case and acquit the guys. But the last word for the Catholic priest. He decides to find out more about what the guys went through while living in a correctional institution. It turned out that there was a real hell for them. As a result, the priest gives false testimony. Thanks to what the guys are justified.

Why is the movie called “Sleepers”? This is probably all from what was meant by the society of sleeping people. Who doesn’t care about people’s problems. After all, there is a lot of wrong around. How could a security guard who adored children calmly open a cafe and live for his own pleasure? This question can be answered in such a way that society is sleeping. He does not care what kind of people are in business and in various areas of human life. The sleep of society leads to impunity.

But who will carry out reprisals against those who escape punishment for crimes? Only the very people who suffered from them. This is the point of the film. Society is sleeping and people themselves are responsible for their own destiny and the fate of those who are nearby. But if you make an act, then people are no longer sleeping. They will pay attention to what is happening around them. About this film “Sleepers”. Only a certain act can make society pay attention to what is happening. Then there will be sympathizers. No one was interested in the past life of a security guard who opened a cafe and lives quietly in a provincial town.

But it was he who mocked the boys in the penal colony. But no one even tried to make him find punishment. However, Sleepers raises the question of why no one punished the guard earlier. Why only the guys themselves, after many years, were able to get to him. After all, there were other people who knew about the affairs of the past. You can’t be asleep, that’s what the movie is about. You need to know about those around you. For it may happen that inaction will give rise to new crimes. You can’t be sleeping.

The film “Sleepers” is recommended to all viewers who have reached the age of majority.

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