Skins Ending Explained & Film Analysis

In the modern world, much attention is paid to appearance. It is a fact. The creators of the film Skins (Pieles) brought the situation to the point of absurdity and showed how love feels, who are not understood and not accepted in society. The film, with an unusual plot, received mixed reviews from critics. However, many viewers are sure that this film has a deep meaning that everyone should realize.

The meaning of the film Skins (2017)

In the film Skins a special atmosphere is created. The creators of the project have chosen colors that dominate the feed. Pink, pastel, purple. It is easy to guess that in the work a lot of attention is paid to the details. It’s not just a complete movie. Skins is five separate stories, in each of which the character was an outcast. The main characters are disgusting. Their thoughts and actions do not find a sound explanation. Everything is so absurd that you want to switch the movie. But this is only the first thought. Over time, the viewer becomes interested in seeing the denouement of the picture.

Each character has their own injury. But despite the physical handicaps and mental disorders, the actors are in search. They are looking for themselves. They do not want to put an end to their lives. The characters are trying to prove to others that they also have a chance for a meaningful existence. Some heroes dream of changing their lifestyle, appearance. They believe that everyone has the right to happiness. And they are no exception. Yes, they are not like everyone else. Their images are frightening and repulsive. But they live in a society that should not reject them. Some characters are sure they don’t need to change anything. They accept themselves for who they are. With all the shortcomings and physical flaws. In the film Skins the authors of the project once again showed how different people can be. They brought their idea to the point of absurdity, but this way the example turned out to be more visual and catchy.

While watching stories, the viewer suddenly realizes that all the storylines intersect with each other. It is intriguing and captivating. The filmmakers managed to create intrigue. Despite the appearance and internal state, all people need love and care. A disabled person should not be rejected. This is the main meaning of the film Skins. People yearn for recognition. But for those who have some significant disadvantage, this path is much more difficult. Some people, on the contrary, are attracted by non-standard. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences. You can’t say it’s wrong or stupid.

Another topic that the authors of the project touched upon in the film Skins is the theme of people’s responsibility for their actions. All actions carry a certain meaning. You have to be responsible for your decisions. If the father leaves the family, it becomes a deep psychological trauma for the child. Adults need to be aware of this. Before committing a serious act, a person should think many times, so as not to regret what he did later.

The film Skins helps to touch the worldview of people with whom fate has played a cruel joke. This film is not for everyone. Skins is not an entertainment work. This is a complex heavy drama filled with human suffering. But even in such a gloomy atmosphere, the characters try to notice something bright. Despite all the trials, fears, problems, the heroes do not despair, but make plans for their future life. They have not yet lost faith in sincere people who can support.

The meaning of the ending of the film Skins (2017)

Can the characters find their place in the world? This question worries many viewers. The characters are so unconventional that anyone around them would turn into them. Is it necessary to empathize with those who have disabilities? Some of these characters do not notice anything unusual about themselves. You don’t need to point fingers at these people. Many disabled individuals did not have the opportunity to choose their appearance. It’s not their fault. They do not deserve increased negative attention from society. The meaning of the finale of the film Skins is that a person needs to be accepted as he is. Outsiders should not make any effort to change the handicapped individual unless he asked them to do so.

There is a phrase in the film that people with deformities are originally born to suffer. But each of them should have a chance to alleviate their condition. In the world, the soul gradually faded into the background. Now all attention is attracted by appearance. If a person has pronounced deformities, this is his stigma for life. An existence you wouldn’t wish even on your enemy. But is there a way out of this situation? Part of the population is sympathetic to those who have any deformities. They will never focus on ugliness. A person understands that an individual with disabilities is a deeply unhappy character. If you look into his eyes, you can see a lot of pain. The heroes of the film are sincere and open people. They did not resent their fate. But the surroundings are completely different. There is mockery and disgust in their eyes. The film Skins is a picture about how important it is to see the soul of a person behind deformities and injuries, even if he is not like everyone else.

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