The Orphanage Movie Explained & Meaning of ending

Intricate story, interesting plot, stellar cast. The Spanish director managed to create a mystical thriller for true horror lovers. An unexpected denouement leaves no one indifferent. The film The Orphanage, despite the genre, makes many people think about their lives. What is the deep meaning of the film?

What is the movie The Orphanage about?

Far 1975. Spain. The girl Laura was lucky, she was adopted by her family from the orphanage. Years later, the former pupil of the state institution again decided to visit this place. Together with her husband Carlos and her adopted son, Laura decided to settle in this shelter. The building has been empty for several years. But the heroes intend to organize a boarding school for children with various pathologies in the now closed shelter.

Benigna appeared on the threshold of the orphanage. Introducing herself to social workers, the woman became interested in Laura’s adopted son, Simon. She asked strange questions about his illness. Laure did not want to engage in dialogue with Benigna about her HIV-positive son.

Simon was hysterical. The boy told his adoptive parents that his new friend Thomas had revealed to him a terrible secret that he was an orphan and that he was seriously ill. In the barn of her house, Laura found Benigno. The woman, noticing the heroine, quickly disappeared. Carlos is indifferent to everything that happens.

The holiday-opening of the boarding school, the spouses have been preparing for this event for a long time. Before the event starts, Simon tries to get Laura to go with him and see Thomas’ hideout. The heroine is sure that no friend exists. The sick fantasies of Simon finally brought Laura out of herself, she raised her hand to the boy. After that, the adopted son of the spouses disappeared without a trace. A long search for Simon, a series of ridiculous accidents, a terrible solution to the mystery of adopted children. Will anyone be able to survive this dangerous battle, or are all heroes doomed?

The meaning of the film The Orphanage

It’s not just a horror movie. The film The Orphanage carries a deep meaning. The director showed the relationship between the spouses. Did they love each other or lived purely out of habit? Laura and Carlos tried to be an exemplary family in order to earn respect among those around them. This ridiculous game has gone on and on. Carlos was not at all interested in the problems of his family, he was indifferent not only to his adopted son, but also to his wife. Laura, driven by the idea of ​​creating a boarding school for children with disabilities, almost forgot about her boy.

The foster parents did not care about Simon, no one listened to his words, thoughts. When the boy began to talk about his new friend Thomas, Laura’s reaction was very strange. The heroine did not believe a single word of Simon, attributing all his arguments to his sick fantasy. The child felt unwanted. His parents thought he was crazy. They didn’t even try to understand his problems. The director, with the help of his film The Orphanage, shows that due to indifference, misunderstanding in the family, the child becomes lonely, embittered, secretive. To whom will he go with his experiences, even if his parents do not want to listen to him?!

Most children have a wild imagination. However, this does not mean that they are lying. Many in this way try to draw the attention of parents to themselves, children lack the participation of adults, affection, care. The heroine was annoyed by her son’s antics. As a result, her patience snapped. Laura dreamed of becoming good for other children, forgetting about her son. Life story. We are chasing the approval of others, the opinion of other people is so important to us. At the same time, we forget about the feelings and emotions of our loved ones and relatives.

And I really want to be good. The new shelter is a great good deed. However, at the same time, her child suffers from inattention, contempt. Why does the heroine not notice this? Or just doesn’t want to notice? After Simon disappeared, the heroine tried to show her sincere feelings for him. Only if they were sincere.

The film is about not having to chase ghostly good deeds when things are not going smoothly and calmly in your own family. It is impossible to make a society happy and complete if from an early age children become unnecessary, if their experiences are not listened to, if their thoughts are ridiculed even by parents. Small personalities close in on themselves, they begin to hide their problems, blame themselves for what happened.

The meaning of the final movie The Orphanage

Why do parents often ignore their children? Why become indifferent to their desires, feelings? Children annoy us with constant questions. We think they distract us from important things. But what is really the most significant?

The child could not be found in the basement of the house for a long time. Their houses. Lonely, useless boy. Not only children, but all people need moral support. Ask how your day went. Find out what problems and difficulties a loved one has encountered. Just listen. Just be there, hold hands. So that it won’t be too late. Life is fleeting and unpredictable. You can simply not have time to say important and necessary words. The film The Orphanage makes not only parents think, but all people. After watching the movie, many will draw conclusions that will allow them not to make the mistakes of heroes.

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