Sequence Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The short feature film “Sequence” was released in 2013 and immediately surprised the audience with its spectacularity and peculiarities of the storyline. Filmed in the style of horror, the film combines the limited viewing time, which many note as its plus, and the active development of events. “Sequence” can also be classified as fantasy, but fans of sharp plots would rather classify it as a horror movie.

Features of the picture and the general idea of ​​the director

The film was written and directed by Carles Torrens and premiered at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival. The tape was released by an American film studio, it was conceived as an action-packed thriller. According to experts, the film “Sequence” has become one of the most popular when released on wide screens.

Moreover, many noted that although the horrors themselves are only a few minutes from the entire film, the director’s idea made it possible to evaluate extraordinary techniques even outside the horrors themselves. Due to the shortened viewing time, the picture looks literally in one breath, the twisted and actively developing plot does not allow you to be distracted from the picture for a minute.

According to the reviews of those who have already watched the film “Sequence”, the plot is original and not worn out. And the play of the cast pleasantly surprises, because the director has allocated only 20 minutes to show their talent!

Story line

The protagonist of the film is a young man Billy, whose role was played by Joe Hursley, once waking up next to his girlfriend, finds inexplicable fear in her eyes. As it turned out, the girl’s fright arose as a result of a nightmare that she had at night. However, the heroine refuses to share it with her boyfriend, although in her nightmare the main character is Billy.

Further, what is happening more and more surprises the protagonist. Acquaintances and neighbors who meet on his way also express and clearly experience fright at the sight of Bill, who is lost in conjectures about the reasons for what is happening and is perplexed. The apotheosis is Bill’s dismissal from his job! The guy is already beginning to experience real despair, because the reason for what is happening is precisely a nightmare with Billy in the “leading role”, which, for an inexplicable reason, was seen by all the neighbors and acquaintances and therefore they literally avoid the guy himself, and try in every possible way not to cross paths with him.

The unusual, twisted plot of the film is especially surprising due to the limited viewing time. The director and screenwriter managed to fit the entire line in just over 20 minutes. At the same time, the turns and development of the action do not allow the viewer to be distracted for a minute, keep him in suspense. And then there is a rethinking of what he saw, which is no less important than watching the film itself.

The logical outcome of this film is simply impossible to predict in advance. Which makes the movie “Sequence” especially interesting for the audience, who, after a steeply twisted plot, will have a completely unexpected denouement.

Film style and genre

It is not easy to attribute the short film under consideration to a particular genre: it harmoniously combines both classic horror and fantasy. What is important for a film of short duration is the amazing, very natural performance of the actors who give their best, as in a full-fledged standard-length feature film. How the audience evaluates the picture, goosebumps of horror run through the body. So, in general, it can be classified as a horror movie.

An interesting idea is to beat the generally delusional idea that at any most unexpected moment you can become a real nightmare for all the people around you. And it is not worth going into a detailed analysis of why and how this could happen. It is enough just to completely immerse yourself in the action, imagining yourself in the place of the protagonist and experiencing the whole nightmare of his position with him.

An important addition

For those who decide to watch the short film “Sequence”, you should be prepared for the fact that in the course of the picture there will be profanity. However, it is used in particularly acute and critical moments, where it is simply difficult to do without it.

In general, the picture is perfect for horror connoisseurs and gourmets of unusual cinema. Captivating, captivating and does not take much time to watch.

Semantic load

It is not easy to talk about the real idea of ​​the film, which was originally put into it. everyone will be able to find in the short film “Sequence” something of their own. However, together with the hero, experiencing his own horror, when in an instant you become a real nightmare for absolutely everyone around you, is a very valuable experience that will be useful for every viewer.

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