Things Heard & Seen Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The premiere of the film Things Heard & Seen from director Sheri Springer Berman took place in April 2021. This is a film with elements of mysticism, in which the main role is played by Amanda Seyfried. The plot is quite simple and taken from life: a young woman, Ket, gets married and, together with her chosen one, moves to live in a small village in the outback of America. She leaves the huge city of New York and goes to a new world for her, in which she has not been before.

They are forced to settle on an old farm, where on the very first day something strange begins to happen, for which the newlyweds cannot find a logical explanation. Katherine is overcome by fear and she has to understand who is the greatest danger to her – her husband or the ghosts that live on this farm.

Why was this film made, the pathos of which oscillates on the verge of fantasy and mysticism? Let’s find out below.

The director wanted to convey to us a very wise idea: often the greatest harm to us can be caused by the person who is nearby, whom we consider very close and even dear to us. Therefore, it is necessary to try to protect both your own heart and the heart of other people.

Compared to the ghost, Katherine’s husband turned out to be a very mysterious and enigmatic person. This also happens in real life – often we do not understand what is really in the head of this or that person, so we shun him and are afraid. And we would never in our life think of a person who is dear to us that he is capable of some kind of meanness in relation to us. We completely and completely trust a person, because we know that we should not expect any set-up or trick from him. But usually native people betray at the most inopportune and unexpected moment. We are not at all ready to take a hit from someone who was very much trusted and shared the most intimate.

Kat confronts her husband’s infidelities and lies as she tries to figure out for herself what happened in their now private home. This greatly undermines both the physical and moral health of the girl. She does not understand why she failed to keep the marriage in harmony and understand her husband. She does not try to justify his actions, because it is impossible to do so. Katherine tries to draw the right conclusions from her relationship with her husband, but she cannot correct his attitude towards her.

Sometimes it is very difficult to understand what prompted a person close to us to betray. We do not understand why they begin to lie to us, hide new acquaintances and meetings, as well as keep back and try to hide what is obvious. We are left alone with our fears and experiences, because contact with a person is lost. We will never be able to fully trust him again, even if it seems that we would forgive him everything that is possible.

Maintaining a good and trusting relationship with those with whom you live under the same roof is very difficult. This is influenced by many factors: different views on life, different upbringing, different concepts and reflections on life events. We cannot fully care for these relationships, but we can help them to be very warm and trusting.

It is also important not to forget that it is human to err. But do not forgive what is usually not forgiven. This is an abuse of the body and mind. If a person doesn’t care what you feel and how you see this world, it’s better to run away from him and not try to find an explanation for his actions. Such people do not change and will never change their opinions and behavior.

It is worth taking care of yourself – we are talking not only about physical health, but also about moral. You need to filter what you let into your heart so that it does not poison your life and does not make you worse. Otherwise, you will change not only yourself for the worse, but also negatively influence those whom you love very much and accept any of their actions and decisions.

The announcement of the film was made in the fall of 2019 and since then filming has begun. As you can see, it recently appeared on the screens of cinemas and since then more and more viewers have come to watch the premiere. There are expectations that the film will be able to collect a huge box office and thus be remembered by the audience because of its plot.

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