Scent of a Woman Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The film was made in 1992, its plot was based on the story “Darkness and Honey” by Giovanni Arpino. This is a remake of the 1974 Italian movie of the same name.

The film was based on the opposing interests of completely different people who have dissimilar views on life, understanding of life situations and attitudes towards others. Colonel Slade is very similar in behavior to a child – he wants to commit suicide because he cannot withstand the onslaught of reality in which he had to find himself. But, besides this, with age, he developed an excellent ability to understand what kind of person is in front of him, what he breathes and what his thoughts are.

The opposite person, student Charlie, is similar in his actions to an adult wise man: he took responsibility for an elderly person, he knows how to choose the right words and express his thoughts. This is extremely important in communicating with the elderly – any wrong word can upset them and bring them to tears or hysteria.

Such opposite characters of the film complement each other and create harmonious characters of this film. Charlie had learned from Slade to be calm, reasonable, not to be led by the furious impulses of the moment. Slade learned to enjoy life and see the positive aspects in it. In the end, he takes Charlie very close to his heart, the attitude towards him changes – now it seems to Slade that Charlie has always been his son.

If we transfer this situation to real life, then every person in life has a person with whom at first it was impossible to find a common language, there are no common interests. These two people can never be friends. It only seems so at first glance: if they start communicating, they will completely complement each other. Opposites attract, if only because each side has something that the opposite does not. Often this results in a strong friendship that can last for years.

But it also happens that the parties do not find a common language, while they have to communicate. Lack of interest in a person who is not like you can create hostility, hatred, provoke scandals and quarrels. It does not always happen that two people meet with a different understanding of that world and immediately begin to make friends. There is a conflict of interests, values, opinions. It is better for such people not to communicate and disperse in different directions, otherwise each meeting will end in a quarrel.

You do not need to force yourself by the will of circumstances to communicate with someone who is unpleasant or does not share your values, brazenly declaring that they have no right to exist. A person is free to choose those people with whom he is comfortable communicating, making friends, exchanging information and experience. Those with whom it is not on the way are eliminated by themselves over time.

The meaning of the film is that you can not refuse new acquaintances with people who are different from you. All people are different, because such is the law of nature. But you need to put your feelings and your comfort in the foreground – if you want to communicate with this person, because there is some kind of strength and wisdom in him, then communicate. But in no case do not force yourself to communicate with someone who humiliates you and your interests. No one should tell someone what music to listen to, what to think about and how to look. Each person is free, he himself chooses what is suitable for him, and what is preferable to refuse.

In society, it is important to defend your interests and not pay attention to those who are trying to change you. If you feel that the one with whom life brought you together can change you for the better and give you an invaluable experience, try to spend a lot of time with this person. He will be able to teach you really a lot, which then will definitely come in handy in life. It’s better to learn from someone else’s mistakes than to make your own and then be terribly sorry for what you did. To adopt someone else’s valuable experience is very important in order not to do stupid things, taking as a basis someone else’s wisdom and options for solving problems.

The film teaches you to listen to other people who can give good advice and share their experience, but it is also equally important to listen to the inner self, to think about your state and attitude to the current situation.

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