Detachment Explained: Real Meaning & Plot Summary

The film premiered in 2011 as part of the Tribeca Film Festival. This is a dramatic film that reveals all the details of the life of teachers and from the hard work in the field of education.

Henry Bart had to replace the teacher of English and literature at a school where the contingent is not the best. Students do not have the slightest understanding of how to behave with a teacher, that one should not use foul language to offend teachers. The children in this school place themselves above their teachers, despising them and nullifying their work. The film shows how the main character endures such a difficult test, showing the best features of his character and upbringing.

The meaning of the film Detachment: idea & problems

Often, especially in modern schools, the teacher is perceived as someone who picks up uninteresting material and forces children to learn things that they will never need in their lives. In addition, his work is not appreciated – many believe that the work of a teacher is limited only to coming to school and presenting educational material. Then the teacher comes home and lies on the couch doing nothing. In fact, the teacher has a difficult job – returning from school, he must check written work, prepare lesson notes for the next lessons, write reports and prepare all the rest of the documentation. Often this drags on well after midnight, but no one knows about it – only the same person who works as a teacher can understand the whole difficulty of the profession.

In addition to the ingratitude of the students and the constant claims of their parents, the teacher has to be content with a small salary, which is often not enough to live on. Teachers need to buy many materials for lessons with their own funds – no one pays extra for this and takes it for granted. The teacher, according to other people, should always be fully equipped and have a variety of tasks in order to keep the interest of the students throughout the lesson.

Many people forget that a teacher is also a person, he can be upset to get sick, he can have problems in the family and a bad mood. But at the same time, he should not bring his personal problems to school and always be an example for his students. Often this is difficult, especially if there is a little positive at work, and the students are only looking for a way to annoy or offend.

The protagonist expresses his opinion about how ungrateful society is to the work of a teacher, what he has to face during the working day and what to worry about. The realities of the teaching profession are not always rosy, but only one very important circumstance can add bright colors to this.

Love for your profession minimizes all negative aspects. Wishing to carry knowledge and share his experience, the teacher ignores all offensive words, smirks in his direction, injustice and disrespect. Love for children makes them angels in the eyes of the teacher, even if they are actually real demons. The teacher does not notice anything bad if his eyes are burning to what he is doing, if he comes to school with pleasure and presents the material in such a way that the students listen to him with open mouths. The desire to bring light and goodness erases all the negativity, which is very much in this life. It’s a shame that there aren’t many teachers like this. There are much more of those who do not know how to interest a child, help him understand this world and become a man. Such teachers injure the psyche of children, humiliate and lower self-esteem.

Henry with dignity endures mockery of himself, obscene words in his direction, hatred and a desire to annoy. It’s hard for him, but the desire to at least somehow change the minds of children wins, and he does everything for this.

A teacher is a profession for which there are many requirements, but little understanding. It is not easy to convey one’s experience, it is even more difficult to teach someone who does not want to learn and acquire new knowledge. However, this is the vocation of the teacher – to teach everyone, guide them on the right path, give advice and protect them from mistakes.

The meaning of the film Detachment is to tell how unfair the evaluation of work can be and how many pitfalls in this profession, which few people really know about.

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