Limitless Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

New York writer Eddie is haunted by a series of bad luck: a girl leaves, no money, ideas for a book do not come to mind. The apartment is more like a homeless haven. The appearance of the main character also leaves much to be desired.

But one day everything changes. On the street, Eddie meets with his ex-brother-in-law, Vernon Gant, who offers Eddie a “department-tested” product that “will be on the market in a year.” Knowing nothing about pills, Eddie is hesitant at first, but has nothing to lose. He takes the “medicine” and the effect does not make you wait long – the brain starts to work at 100%. Eddie begins to radically change his life and soon becomes successful and popular.

The meaning of the film Limitless

From the title of the film is translated as “limitless” – this is a reference to the abilities of the brain, after taking NZT. At the cafe, Vernon Gant tells Eddie that people only use 20% of their brains, the rest is not. The pill activates all areas of the brain. Human intelligence is increasing exponentially.

When Eddie tries the second pill in the apartment of the murdered brother-in-law, the hero of the film asks: “What would you do?”. Indeed, if there was a magic pill that removes the limitations of work in the brain, would any other person take it? Probably yes. After all, you can turn from a layman into a millionaire.

No matter how you call a drug, it will remain a drug.

When the viewer is first introduced to NZT, the drug is presented as a pill. It has almost healing properties, is almost approved by doctors and is about to go on sale. That’s why Eddie accepts Vernon’s “gift”. It is later revealed that NZT is an underground product. More and more the viewer is hinted that this is the same drug.

The ex-wife, who also took NZT, tells Eddie that getting off the pills will not work quickly – people are dying. There are side effects: the brain starts to work more slowly, the reaction slows down, and withdrawal begins in the body. To stay on the wave – take NZT. All signs of a drug.

Even talking to Lindy, Eddie’s lover, in the bathroom is like an addict’s excuses and begging for forgiveness. “I swear I’ll quit. I have a plan how to get off this rubbish.” Reminds the dialogue of an alcoholic who once again begs his wife to understand and forgive, and then again goes into a binge.

A drug will not make a person truly successful.

One of the ideas of the film is to show how real successful people think and behave, whose brain works at 80%. Eddie takes his first pill and, it would seem, why does he clean the apartment? You can spend your time on something more useful.

The viewer is shown that a successful person does not tolerate disorder in the environment. Same as with appearance. When Eddie retakes NZT, he fixes his appearance: cuts his hair, buys a suit. They show how the hero of the film develops. This is what effective people do – they are constantly interested in new things, they do not stand still. Eddie even says the line: “If I stop, I think I’ll burst.”

Eddie is making progress in his career. He is spotted by Carl van Loon, the owner of Eddie’s company. The hero is invited to a meeting. Eddie is invited to talk again and discuss an important work issue in more detail. But Ed acts like a normal person. Not understanding the importance of the upcoming meeting with van Loon, he goes on a spree.

Side effect – Eddie does not remember anything about the last evening. Yes, I’m out of pills. I had to show my real self to the owner of the company. The real Eddie doesn’t understand anything about stocks. Carl van Loon, on the contrary, with or without pills, has tremendous experience in working and communicating with people. Carl later tells Eddie that he has stupid arrogance and that his success is a gift, nothing more. Van Loon himself went through a difficult path from an ordinary broker to a millionaire.

The tablet only helps to meet the sign of a successful person. But when the effect of the drug wears off, you become nobody again. NZT will not give you the experience that van Loon has.

Movie ending explained Limitless

After Eddie “settles” the problems with the bandits and the lost pills, the viewer is shown the successful writer Eddie Morr, who is aiming for the Senate. But he is overtaken by the ghost of the past in the face of Wang Lung. Carl found out that Eddie was taking NZT. Van Loon decided to pin Eddie against the wall. He told me that Morra’s lab was closed and was offering an uninterrupted supply of NZT in exchange for a couple of work tips.

Eddie knew in advance that van Loon would come to him. The future senator followed the illegal activities of the former boss. He had something to hide. Eddie says that he has been off the pills for a long time and no longer needs to take NZT to see everything and be “50 steps ahead”.

The viewer never finds out if Eddie really refused the pills. But the question is: “Are you sure that I have only one laboratory?” suggests that there is still a laboratory. At the end, he talks to the waiter in a foreign language. Perhaps the director is hinting that Eddie hasn’t stopped taking NZT.

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