Premonition Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Premonition is a 2007 American drama film. Despite the little-known director and rapid shooting, the picture is good. Sandra Bullock (Linda) and Julian McMahon (Jim) play the mystical thriller perfectly.

The meaning of the film “Premonition”

The presence of an inner voice is inherent in many. Linda has a premonition of something terrible. The news of Jim’s death is confirmation. The shock is so deep that the heroine does not want to believe in reality. In grief, she falls asleep, and in the morning she discovers that everything is fine with her husband.

Linda has confused dreams. What for?

Mourning events are replaced by everyday life. Exhausted by experiences, Linda is not able to figure out where the truth is, where the unreality is. What role does the premonition that visited the heroine play? The woman wants to figure out if she should do something that she can to correct what she saw. Is there a chance to avoid Jim’s death?

Linda reflects on how she lives

Linda’s family has everything to be happy: home, husband, daughters. But the mirror shows sad eyes and an indifferent look.

What are the unshakable values ​​that are worth fighting for? Does she love Jim?

Time seems to be mocking Linda, manipulating the consciousness of the unfortunate.

A kaleidoscope of disparate dream events leaves Linda depressed. But now the woman is sure that her duty is to save her husband.

Reality and dreams

Jim shows his wife the new house. Baby Megan, daughter, interrogates her mother when dad will be home. Schoolgirl Bridget, the eldest, is afraid of being late for school.

The sheriff brings terrible news to the house. Linda is in prostration, but then falls asleep in tears with a wedding picture in her hands.

Jim drinks morning coffee. Linda is hanging laundry in the yard and stumbles upon a dead crow. The bird is a harbinger of something unpleasant. The woman throws out the corpse.

The mosaic doesn’t add up. On the chest of drawers is a glass of wine. There are pills in the sink. The mirrors are covered. Relatives in mourning clothes. Both daughters are on swings in the yard. Mother sees terrible cuts on the face of the eldest. The woman does not remember their origin. People around say that Linda drove her daughter to the clinic.

The priest delivers a farewell speech, describing the deceased as the best father and faithful spouse. Linda sees a pretty blonde. Who is she and why is she here?

Everything is hopelessly confused. The woman is placed in a psychiatric hospital. After the injection, the poor thing falls asleep. (Interestingly, the actress was indeed given a tetanus shot, as she injured herself during filming).

The next morning, Jim takes a shower, Linda hugs her husband. There are no cuts on Bridget’s face. Everything is not bad, but the bird’s corpse is still in the trash can.

Linda feels she needs a doctor. At the reception, she shares her visions. Even then, Linda is trying to change the future and decides to invite Jim on a trip.

In her husband’s office, she runs into a graveyard blonde.

Linda is driving home where Bridget’s accident occurs. It becomes clear where the cuts come from.

The heroine is constantly looking for clues, trying to understand the meaning of reality and dreams. Why did the days lose their chronology? Is Jim alive or is he crushed by a truck? Who is the woman in the husband’s office?

The path to the final. The meaning of the ending

Finally, Linda has a puzzle:

Tuesday: doctor’s appointment for daughter’s injury; Wednesday: Jim gets into trouble; Thursday: news of the death of her husband; Saturday: funeral.

There are no Friday events. But Linda feels she must try to avoid the tragedy of Wednesday. The heroine’s plea not to leave does not touch her husband. Linda takes the last chance and asks to wake her up if the business trip falls on a Wednesday to say goodbye.

Linda can’t help but act

At night, Linda dreams of an elusive Friday. She is a widow, holding a family photo. Linda is forced to admit that the blonde in the graveyard is Jim’s mistress, and that her husband took out new insurance on the day of the accident. Where is the meaning? Did Jim plan something or did he also have the gift of foresight?

Lindoy realizes that her husband’s death is inevitable. She goes to the funeral service, orders a funeral for Saturday, and at home tells her mother that she will not let Jim die. For Linda, who knows the sad scenario, inaction means murder.

Linda understands the main thing

The family spends Sunday as usual: the father walks with his daughters, the mother goes to church. During the sermon, Linda hears that it takes deep faith to be able to make a difference. Linda longs for the power of faith.

Thunderstorm outside. The heroes quarrel, lightning kills the crow from Linda’s dream. Declarations of love, a night with a beloved man – Linda finally understands how valuable her husband and daughters are to her.

Day of Jim’s death

Morning. What day? Jim is not around. And it’s Wednesday. The husband did not wake up Linda.

A woman hurries down the highway to the place where she saw the accident in her dream. She receives a message from her husband with words of love. Spouses say what they have kept in themselves for so long.

Here it is – the meaning: never miss the opportunity to talk about feelings.

Linda tries to avoid a collision. But it is inevitable. Crash. Explosion. Female cry.


Linda struggled. The last night with Jim brought the woman hope for the future. The heroine is pregnant. The realization that life goes on and “Every day we live is a miracle” gives Linda peace.


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