Meaning of the film Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

The film adaptation reflects the events that took place in the eighteenth century. A boy was born in France, later named Jean-Baptiste Grenouille. He was born in the fish market, in an extremely poor environment. Immediately after birth, he received a lot of stress due to the strong smells of fish that surrounded him. Thus, from birth, he developed an acute sensitivity to smells and, in general, an accentuation of attention to aromas, which played a decisive role in his later life.

The boy became interested in the effect of various smells on a person and decided to become a perfumer. He took lessons in perfumery from the French master Baldini, he himself developed many perfume formulas.

The young man, rejected by society, had an obsession – to develop a fragrance that would make large masses of people love him and obey him.

However, the way to create these spirits was terrible: it was required to kill thirteen young girls, wrap their naked bodies in animal skin, richly greased with fat, and cut off their hair. Jean-Baptiste carried out a serial murder, bringing the inhabitants of the city into real horror.

The maniac was caught by the father of the last victim and brought before the people’s court. He was sentenced to the estimated execution, but it did not happen. The magic of the terrible spirits worked! Just one drop was enough – and the people recognized the maniac and the killer as practically an angel: everyone suddenly fell in love with him. And not only him, but each other. The aroma caused a mass orgy in the square where the execution of the guilty was to be carried out.

However, this was not enough for Grenouille: the next day he poured the whole bottle of homemade perfume on himself. As a result, he was torn to pieces by a love-mad crowd at a market in Paris. Where he was born in a disgusting stench, not loved by anyone, there he found his death, but from universal love.

The meaning of the film Perfumer

It is difficult to formulate an unambiguous explanation for the film, since the psychological mechanisms that take place in the head of maniacs and serial killers play a decisive role here, forcing them to commit terrible crimes.

Maniacs and serial killers suffer from mental disorders, distortions of perception and thinking, which is clearly seen in the example of the main character of the film. When watching a film, his actions and composure scare the audience.

Why do people become maniacs and murderers?

Lack of love and attention from parents radically changes the psyche of the child, can sow in him the seeds of hatred and cruelty towards people: the mother threw the helpless baby into fish waste; From childhood, future maniacs may show a strong focus on something, a kind of obsession that guides their further actions: in the case of the hero of the film “Perfume”, these were smells. Perhaps because the boy was born surrounded by an unbearable fishy stench; Talented and creative individuals often become maniacs, for them a person is nothing more than a curious mechanism, they do not experience emotions of sympathy, empathy. It is important for them to achieve their own, sometimes brilliant ideas, and on the way to achieving the goal, such people do not choose means. This is exactly the case of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille: only a man of genius could create a fragrance that acts like a powerful drug. His goal was universal love, which he desperately lacked in childhood. The young man was not shy in choosing the means to achieve his dream: he killed more than a dozen young girls in cold blood. In their activities, such people are guided by intuition, which is very well developed. But logic is not alien to them, because they have a sharp mind. However, such people set strange goals for themselves, little understood by others; Maniacs and serial killers are selfish, self-centered, often suffer from delusions of grandeur and other well-known delusions. The hero of the film had a mania of universal love and recognition.

The meaning of the ending of the film Perfumer

The ending of the film is very instructive. As they say: “For what he fought, he ran into that.” Grenouille was torn to pieces not just anywhere, but at the place of his birth by a crowd of people madly in love with him, who were affected by the magic of his invention.

The hero was greedy, pouring the whole bottle on himself, he wanted to be loved very much. But he did not take into account that too strong love also carries a fatal danger. What the young man lacked from birth, at the end of the film he received in abundance, and this ruined him.

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