Passengers Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film Passengers (2016) tells how a huge starship is sent to a distant planet. The action takes place in 2135, according to the plan, more than 30,000 earthlings should land on the planet and completely reshape it. All people who went to this planet must be in a frozen state. because the flight will take about a hundred years.

Plot Analysis

However, after 30 years of flight, a breakdown occurred, and one capsule burned out, as a result, the person who slept in it wakes up, namely the hero of actor Chris Pratt. For a whole year he lives on the ship all alone, but then he decides to wake up another passenger. Aurora is played by Jennifer Lawrence.

Jim understands that now she will live with him, closed in this ship, although the flight will continue for about 90 years. The girl is in shock, because she was forcibly awakened, she has no future, or she will have to live here without any prospects.

Aurora is very angry, does not understand why she was awakened, but the consequences, according to the plot of the film, did her good and will help save not only her, but all the passengers. There are a lot of references in the film to various works, to the Bible, an ethical problem is raised here, that is, after a person has been tormented on a ship for a whole year, he decides to wake up his girlfriend. This tells us that if a person is in a love couple, then his life takes on meaning. Many people believe that if they find a mate, fall in love, they will be able to get rid of many problems, find a purpose in life. However, the film makes us think that many are looking for a couple for the sake of self-esteem, problem solving. However, such happiness turns out to be unreliable, because people are looking for the missing part of themselves.

The special meaning of the film Passengers

After the main character wakes up Aurora, he breaks a special rule, that is, a religious rule says that you should not do to another what you do not want to be done to you. This rule is accepted not only in religious, but also in philosophical teachings. It turns out that Jim, with the help of the girl Aurora, wants to improve his life, he treats her as a means. Although the philosopher Kant taught that one should not treat a person as a means. It should only be used as a target. Over time, the heroes learn that the ship can completely fail, only they can save it, because there are 5,000 sleeping earthlings on the ship.

It turns out that if Jim had not violated this rule, then everyone would have died. Over time, it becomes clear that Jim is sacrificing the girl, he does not give her a chance to get the life she dreamed of. However, fate gave her a different life, she is also happy, while she is not sky-high. This is real life with its own problems, and the other life was just a dream.

The film tells us that everything that happens is not accidental, it was not just that Jim woke up, it was not by chance that he slipped near Aurora’s capsule, and the thought of waking her up cannot be called an accident either. In life, such a situation is not considered an exception, because in ordinary life people often do things, they are based on the belief that a person is doing the right thing. We cannot find an explanation for the actions, but we know that this is exactly what can be done at the moment. No one can know whether he is doing the right thing, it is often impossible to prove he is right, but at the subconscious level, a person understands that these steps need to be taken right now. Some scientists hope that over time people will learn to distinguish the essential from the non-essential, they will make all decisions based on being.

The meaning of the ending

The end of the film deserves special attention, few understood what its meaning is. From the very beginning, it was clear that the director’s idea was to combine a fantastic drama and a fantastic action movie. Some believe that passengers are a special love story. However, it takes place against the backdrop of fantastic circumstances. A special heroic quest has been invented for Aurora and Jim, they must act as a team, they do not even have the opportunity to reconcile. Thus, the director combined both directions, but in general the film turned out to be average.

It has a lot of interesting issues to think about, and there are also some humorous moments. The film Passengers raises a lot of psychological issues, but does not go into them too much. The ending in the film could have been different, but the director chooses this option.

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