Passenger Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film “Passenger” attracted the attention of many moviegoers. This film was able to combine the plot with bright dynamics and deep meaning. There are many explicit and hidden meanings in the film that not everyone understands. Therefore, in this article we will try to get to the bottom of the main message of the film “Passenger” from director Jaume Collet-Serra.

Plot of the film The Passenger

The protagonist of this picture is Michael, at first glance, an ordinary hard worker of the insurance company, but in the past he was a good policeman, which we will find out while watching this picture. The whole story will unfold inside the train, on which the main character is used to getting to and from his work. But one day, the management considered it necessary to fire Michael, and now we see how he, depressed, returns to his usual route from work for the last time. There are a lot of people around Michael, whom he saw every day, driving this route on the train, but they do not disturb him, all the head of the protagonist is busy with is what should he do when he is left without work, because he needs to pay bills and somehow support himself .

Michael’s thoughts are interrupted by a woman who has taken a seat next to him. The girl introduced herself as Gianna and offered the main character a case worth one hundred thousand dollars, and the task was only to find a person on this train. Michael immediately begins to suspect that this case risks turning out to be a crime, so he refuses, although he understands that he clearly needs the money.

The protagonist intuitively feels that he is starting to get into something bad, so he decides to get off the train, but he does not have time to do it. Michael is stopped and shown the ring of his wife, from which he understands that he was under the gun and just like that he can’t get out of this game. After that, Michael decides to try to contact the police with the help of other passengers, but he fails.

In the end, the main character realizes that if he does not find this passenger, then not only he, but also his loved ones will be in danger. The main character wants to help both himself and the mysterious stranger, because it was immediately clear that if he was found, something bad would happen to him, so Michael decided to find and warn him.

The plot of the film is simple at first glance, but the further we look, the more tension begins to hang in the air, because there are so many questions: who is the passenger? why are they looking for him? what is michael really like?

The meaning of the film Passenger

The meaning of the film is not to find a person and help him, everything is much deeper. It’s not about searching, but about the choice that is put before Michael – he needs money and this large amount would solve many of his problems, but he does not dare to make a deal with his conscience, and wants to help the stranger, whoever he is. As the film progresses, it will become clear to us that Michael values ​​​​justice and the law so much that he will even risk his own life for the sake of this mysterious stranger, whom he is trying to find on the train.

There is a lot of dynamics in the film, and this is not in vain, with this movement they are trying to show us how quickly Michael acts and thinks. The events of the film take place rapidly, and the movement in the film is added by the fact that the whole story takes place on a train, which, of course, does not stand still.

All the heroes of the film are ordinary people, and they could stay away, however, they all decide to help the main character and show the sei from the good side. Each of them awakens a desire to help and protect, in fact, people they do not know.

The film raises many important themes and meanings, for example, how much truth is told to us from TV? And who is the “screenwriter” of the news anyway? Usually, thrillers do not raise such acute social issues, but “The Passenger” was an exception.

But the themes of the film do not end there. We are shown another important thought, namely, do ex-cops exist? On the example of Michael, we see that it is not. He retired a long time ago and was an employee of an ordinary insurance company, but when he got into trouble, he began to act like a real professional. While watching The Passenger, we understand that there is nothing that will make Michael betray his moral principles. Michael seems to us the ideal policeman, he is brave, he knows how to act clearly in critical situations, while his moral character evokes only positive emotions for this character.

At the end of the film, Michael is completely revealed to us as a professional – he was able to neutralize the criminals, but the “half-truth” did not suit him, and he decided to go to the end and find out who was behind this whole story. Michael had to work hard to find the main criminal, but he coped with this task, and at the end of the film he arrests him.

The Passenger was originally expected to be a good thriller, but it exceeded expectations and showed us so much more. In the end, it’s even hard to say which genre is the main one here – a thriller or a detective story. Only one thing is clear here, the film raises important and necessary topics and makes it very interesting, it is literally impossible to tear yourself away from the film, constant chases and more and more secrets. And the meaning of the film is simple and complex at the same time, and, perhaps, everyone should figure it out for themselves.

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