The Others Review: What Does the Ending of Mean?

The meaning of the film The Others (2001): explanation of the plot & ending. The mystical film from the first minutes captivates the viewer with a mysterious plot. Throughout the history of the horror genre, the movie fan is in suspense. The meaning of the film Others can not be understood immediately. The denouement is unexpected. The characters are not who they think they are. They will have to endure an incredible shock when the truth breaks out.

Description of the story

The plot of the film Others intrigues the viewer from the very beginning.

A family

Grace is a pretty lady and a loving mother. She is raising two minor children. Children have a rare disease – an allergy to light.

Interesting! This disease is real. This is a fairly rare disease that affects about a thousand people in the world.

Grace, Nicholas and Ann live in a huge mansion. Heroes have to live in difficult times of the Second World War. A woman does an excellent job of raising her son and daughter. The estate where the characters settled is located in Jersey.

Due to the serious illness of the children in the house, two rules are strictly followed to help dose and limit sunlight:

  • The curtains are always drawn.
  • Until the previous door is closed, the new one should not open.


It is not known for what reason in a huge house all the servants disappear. They are replaced by new ones: the elderly Bertha Mills and Edmund Tuttle, as well as the mute from birth, but rather young young lady Lydia.

Peace and quiet have always reigned in the estate. However, at some point they were violated. The inhabitants of these places began to hear the strong crying of children and loud sounds. The owner of the mansion comes to the conclusion that an evil spirit has settled in her house. She goes to the church for the local priest. Thick fog does not allow Grace to go far, she has to go back.

Grace’s husband, Charles, emerges from the same thick fog. The wife and children are extremely happy about the return of the man from the war. The father of young children went to the front 2 years ago and since then there has been no news of him. They didn’t expect to see him alive. He stayed with his native people for a very short time and left them, having gone into the fog. Nicholas and Anne were trying to get their father back and accidentally stumbled upon tombstones with the names of their new servants. At the same time, their mother found a photograph of dead people in the house (yes, this was the fashion before – photographing the dead). It featured Mills, Edmund and Tuttle. So who are the ghosts that disturb the tenants of the house! Unexpected, right? But this is not the end yet.

Ending and hidden meaning

This is how the film ended with a twisted and gripping plot: after getting rid of the ghostly servant, Grace hears Ann talking to someone on the second floor. The woman gets up in a hurry and sees a lot of people at the table. Among them sits a woman with psychic abilities. She communicates with Ann, and relays her words to the people at the table: “She went crazy, she killed us, me and Nicholas.”

Grace is shocked by what she heard. But slowly memories of this tragedy flash in her head. She really killed them, strangled them with a pillow. And then, horrified by what he did, he ends up with his own life. So the ghosts in the house turned out to be not only the servants, but also the owners. And the constant noise in the house was made just by the living – the new owners of the house, who tried to move in there and faced an unknown force in the face of Grace.

On a note! The entire story told in the film begins with Grace’s words: “Sit back? I start”. It was with these words that the BBC radio program for children “Listen with Mom” began.

The meaning of the film Others is thin and deep. In some cases, the truth is like a lie, and reality is like fiction. And you need to go through a difficult path to understand that the main demons and ghosts are inside you. And having understood this – to accept, open new doors, open the curtains and live on, striving for the light.

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