Another Round Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Fascinating, non-standard, dramatic, comedic. And that’s all about the Danish director Thomas Vinterberg’s film Another Round. The audience saw the film in 2020. Four buddies come together to prove or disprove the original happiness theory. But what will this hypothesis lead to? What hidden meaning did the authors of the film Another Round put into their work?

The meaning of the film Another Round

Drink to be happier. A strange hypothesis, which close friends tried to confirm. Friends even established certain rules that should be strictly observed. It seems that the characters have thought of everything to the smallest detail. But what can stop them?

We all know that alcohol is bad for the body. However, the heroes decided to test the opposite theory. But no one will argue that excessive alcohol consumption leads to irreversible consequences. The plot of the film Another Round, at first glance, is simple and banal. Spectators do not expect any surprises and sharp turns. Four men. Held adequate personality. Did they understand what they were getting into? Certainly. It was their conscious choice. But why did they decide on this adventure?

No one knows how his body will react to alcohol. The heroes took the risk. They staged a kind of game with fate itself. Friends are tired of boring existence. The characters decided to bring something original, bright, non-standard into their lives. Did they just realize the danger of the situation? Initially, there are too many questions in the movie Another Round.

And so the heroes begin their experiment. Everything goes well. The heroes are satisfied with the results. Martin got his wife back. Now his beloved family will surround him again. And other friends are also doing well. But this was not enough for the characters. They decided not just to consolidate the result, but to improve it. To do this, they increased the amount of alcohol consumed. It is important for them to track the reaction of their body. And most importantly, what will happen to their consciousness, whether the clarity of mind will remain.

A fun night with alcohol-containing drinks negatively affected the reputation of the heroes. Drunk friends began to conflict with their wives. Martin’s wife is seriously concerned that the man has been drinking for weeks. The family is sure that the hero is seriously ill. He has alcoholism. The four friends realize that further experimentation is impossible. This hypothesis not only destroys families, but also themselves. It does not bring any happiness. Now friends need to stop drinking alcohol.

The authors of the film once again showed what addiction can lead to. This is a violation of the psyche, and poisoning of the body, and degradation. The theory of happiness presented in the film has not been confirmed. The film Another Round is a vital and sad tape. This is not something fictional and distant. Alcohol addiction can be in every family. But only he himself can help a sick person. The point of Another Round is not to defy fate. Every person has heard about the dangers of alcohol since childhood. Alcoholic drinks and any addiction will not lead to happiness. The effect of them only seems to be positive. This is a misleading representation.

Happiness is a state of mind. It depends only on the person himself. You could say the friends in the movie are just tired of their lives. By trying something dangerous, they only increased their dissatisfaction. Being drunk is not cool. This is the main idea of ​​the film Another Round. So simple and clear. But some people don’t realize it. Sometimes their lives end the same way as Tommy’s. But there are those who manage to change their existence. Only this can be extremely difficult, and for some people it is completely impossible. Therefore, before it is too late, you should accept your addiction and try to give it up. Otherwise, it’s a road to nowhere. But definitely not in a happy joyful life.

The meaning of the finale of the film Another Round

The film’s ending was predictable. Alcohol has never made anyone happy. The point of the film’s ending is that if you have an addiction, it’s important to admit it and try to get rid of it. Otherwise, it will destroy everything that a person has. Alcohol is evil not only for the human body, but also for its internal state. But not everyone is able to stop drinking. One of the characters could not overcome his illness. He did not want to continue to live. After all, his existence was devoid of bright colors. An unsuccessful experiment of friends led to the fact that Tommy became an alcoholic.

The sad finale of the film Another Round showed that you should not joke and play with your health. The strange theory did not justify itself. Instead of happiness, Tommy lost everything in his life. The rest of the characters managed to stop in time. They have a chance to rethink their views and priorities. They have already realized their mistakes. Friends showed by their example that you should not look for happiness from outside. He’s not there. Drinking pleasure drinks to improve your life should not be. Their effect will be the opposite.

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