One Day Ending Explained & Film Analysis

In the center of the plot of the film are young people Emma and Dexter. The first time we see them is on July 15, on the day of their graduation from the university. At first, they want to start a close relationship, but when it comes down to it, they suddenly decide to remain friends. Both characters feel that they are not ready for a serious relationship, even though they are drawn to each other. They are young, just entering adulthood. They both have yet to take place in life.

Then every year the scriptwriters show one day in the life of the characters, graduation day, July 15th. You can see how Emma and Dexter grow up, change, how their relationship changes.

Initially, she is modest, an excellent student, with a dream of a writing career. Dexter is a more liberated guy, he is interested in entertainment, the opportunity to get thrills in life.

Their second meeting also takes place on July 15. Emma works in a cafe as a waitress, Dexter carelessly burns life. Here it is striking that the main characters are different in character and life goals. Emma has an admirer, he is a little strange, with curly hair, glasses, the girl does not like him at all.

“Be careless, live in the moment,” Dexter tells Emma before jumping into the pool during their next meeting. And this is the motto of all his youth.

A couple more years pass, Dexter starred in commercials, becomes a TV presenter, he begins a club life, alcohol, drugs, girls. He becomes more wealthy and famous. He periodically calls up Emma, ​​she does not approve of her friend’s lifestyle. Dexter’s mother becomes terminally ill with cancer. She also does not approve of her son’s lifestyle, they have a serious conversation. The hero’s relationship with his father is terrible because of his lifestyle.

Emma got her diploma, she’s done with her job as a waitress. She plans to go to work as a teacher. Her friend becomes a famous comedian, continues to court her, young people come together and begin to live together.

About Dexter, meanwhile, notoriety is spreading, in the tabloids they write nasty things about him. It becomes psychologically difficult for a young person to maintain his position in society. Gradually he realizes that this is not his way.

Emma does not get along with a new roommate, they do not converge in character, he is jealous of her to Dexter, she is in no hurry to get married. Dexter, on the other hand, finds a bride for himself, marries a girl who is pregnant from him. He marries for money, because at that time he lost his job, and the girl has rich parents.

The couple has a baby, he is forced to get a job in a restaurant as an assistant cook. Dexter does not agree with his wife in character, it is not easy for them to live in misunderstanding, only the daughter connects the family.

As a result, a divorce occurs, and Dexter converges with Emma, ​​who breaks off relations with her fiancé for his sake. But happiness does not last long: the heroine dies under the wheels of a car. Dexter is inconsolable, desperate, reaching for alcohol again. But a conversation with his father, who also lost his beloved wife, helps him recover and move on, as if Emma is still alive.

The hero remembers the day they met Emma, ​​comes to the same places with his daughter. He keeps the brightest memory of his beloved.

Friendship between a man and a woman

On the example of the film “One Day” we see that friendship between a man and a woman is difficult. The heroes decided to maintain friendly relations, they succeeded only at first glance, but in fact they experienced a deeper sympathy and attraction to each other for several years, in the end, a relationship began anyway. The plot is a bit like the plot of the series “Normal People”, which also traces a long tender friendship between a woman and a man, which resulted in a long-term relationship.

On the other hand, relationships after many years of friendship are much stronger and more tender. Because the characters have already matured as individuals and have known each other very well over the years of friendship.

What is the point of the movie?

In the film one day, the psychological formation of a person in the process of growing up is shown in great detail. The development of both women and men is traced. It also shows how their relationship becomes deeper and more mature.

The example of Emma shows how purposefulness gradually leads her to success, but on her way she encounters a lot of difficulties. Life teaches lessons, the heroine learns them, goes through unsuccessful relationships. For many years, she keeps in her heart love for one man.

Dexter’s fate is a little more complicated: for many years he cannot find himself, rushes to extremes, but remains lonely in his soul. At every stage of life, the hero thinks that he has found the true meaning of his life, but is disappointed again and again. Throughout his life, he needs an understanding and supportive girlfriend in the person of Emma. But after the loss of Emma, ​​it becomes really scary and difficult for Dexter to continue life. He realizes that apart from his daughter, he has no close people left. And he missed many years of possible happiness with Emma. The hero continues his life with a heavy burden on his heart.

The film teaches to take care of loved ones, to think about their true feelings for them. After all, life is short, loved ones are very easy to lose.

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