There Will Be Blood Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The film There Will Be Blood appeared on the screens in 2007 and impressed the audience with its unusualness and exciting plot. And the work of directors and screenwriters was not in vain – already in 2008 the film won an Oscar for Best Actor and Best Cinematography.

Everyone who watched the film thought about what the real subtext is, what idea the script carries, and what is encrypted in the replicas of the main characters. The film describes the events of the late 19th century, when everyone tried to leave for the North of America to try their luck and, after searching hard, find gold or silver. Did not stand aside and Daniel Day-Lewis. He put a lot of effort and spent a lot of time to find precious substances. First, he inadvertently falls into the deepest shaft and breaks his leg. Despite this, he finds a nugget of silver and crawls, enduring pain, to the nearest test office to obtain documents confirming the authenticity of this silver. Later, in the early 1900s, he discovers oil near Los Angeles and here he lays the first stones in the foundation of a future drilling company. His production is productive and successful, he himself has been actively working for three decades. An entrepreneur finds oil near the Sunday farm and deceives this family and is tricked into obtaining permission to extract oil from the location. And again, thanks to cunning, sharp mind and insight, the found oil brings him huge profits and fame.

How can you describe the main character? His image can be described from two different sides. The first thing that catches your eye is perseverance and perseverance. He tirelessly searches for the place where there is gold and silver. He wants to be successful, rich and there is nothing wrong with that. Each person wishes for himself the best circumstances, success, recognition and the opportunity to build his life according to his own scenario. The viewer can observe the evolution of the image of Daniel – how he grows in his desire to find the cherished precious gift of nature, how he protects his dream, how he thinks and makes plans for the search for gold and silver.

On the other hand, such a desire to become rich and successful radically changes his consciousness. At first, he simply has a dream to find precious metals and does everything to make it come true. Finding them, he changes. After falling to the bottom of the mine and injuring his leg, he crawls to get documents about the authenticity of the metal. Risking his health and life (after all, he could die, and not just break his leg), he hurries to do all the bureaucratic affairs and collect the necessary papers, until someone else did this and took away the gold he found from him. Then, when he finds oil on the farm of the Sunday family, he deceives her and takes possession of that oil, leaving the farmers no chance to become owners of the oil well and not even giving them any interest, although the “black gold” was actually found near the walls of their house. For many years he has been looking for oil, like a madman, like a man possessed. Oil is the main goal of his life, this is what he constantly thinks about and looks for. Here it is worth noting that he is attracted not by the process of searching for springs, not by extracting oil, but by the result. The result is money. Daniel gets more and more of them, no matter how much he gets. He relegated family, friends, other joys of life to the background – his whole life revolves around oil.

Why is it all? The desire for endless enrichment at any cost is one of the many moral sins of man. He wants to be rich, going over the heads, sacrificing the most valuable, killing, deceiving. Often the goal to get rich overshadows the mind and then the person does not control his actions and actions. But in fact, a person does not need so much for a happy and peaceful life. We spend our short existence chasing money that costs nothing but controls the lives of billions of people. Ordinary pieces of paper are sometimes more valuable to us than the health of our child or the happiness of our parents. We often bring the process of making money to the fore, forgetting that in fact the value is completely different.

At the end of their lives, people regret that they devoted little time to their relatives and friends, traveled little and did not see many interesting places on our planet, and everyone worked, worked … The conclusion from all of the above is as follows: you need to appreciate the happy moments of life, rejoice all sorts of pleasant little things, start a family, raise children and travel. You need to work, but you should not make work the main business of your life. Otherwise, our existence will end, and we will be very sorry that we did not really live.

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