Nymphomaniac Ending Explained & Film Analysis

It is said that nymphomania is a disease that causes a woman to experience a feeling of insatiable sexual desire. The movie “Nymphomaniac” tells about such a girl. This woman reached the age of fifty and until that period could not get enough of the male company. Her name is Jo and the film is from her perspective. The story begins from the moment when she, half-dead, is found by a lonely man named Seligman. He brings her to him and helps the woman. After Seligman asks why Jo got to this point, she tells him about how she lived all these years.

The film runs for more than 5 hours, there are many explicit scenes in it. An attentive viewer, throughout all this time, is obliged to catch the very essence of what is happening. He must understand how ordinary sex addiction differs from nymphomania. You need to understand that “Nymphomaniac” is a very serious movie. In no case should you think that this is an ordinary film of the adult genre, which abound in the vastness of the virtual Network.

The film has a lot of unusual plot twists that greatly enliven the plot. The film is like a polyhedron, each facet of which represents a problem given in the film. There are a lot of them. Let each viewer make something of their own.

According to the plot, as mentioned above, a lonely man finds a woman. She is unconscious. traces of trauma on the body. The man tries to help her come to her senses, then brings the girl to his home. It turns out that she has something to talk about. And in the course of a sincere conversation, the story of the main character is revealed to the viewer. It turns out that she is sick with nymphomania. And this state of hers made her rush into the maelstrom of passionate adventures. The man himself, played by Stellan Skarsgard, is very reserved and modest. He is afraid to even look at the naked figure of the main character when he hands her clothes after she takes a shower.

The man is no longer young, almost does not pay attention to his appearance. He admits to the girl that he does not think at all about how he looks outwardly. In his apartment, too, there is nowhere for the eye to fall. Old furniture, faded wallpaper and everything else suggests that he does not pay attention to the external image at all. In Joe’s home, a woman notices fishing equipment, which indicates that she is fond of fishing. It is, but he very rarely does it.

Thus, the man catches not so often. Other residents of the city fish much more successfully. Fishing – there is an allegory for this film, which refers to the ability of a woman to attract men, For this film, at least. This becomes clear after Joe says that the rod is her female organ. She realized that she had it when she was 2 years old. At the age of 7, she and her friend rolled naked on the wet floor. So she got excited. As a result, Jo became a woman at the age of 15. I had to go to a man who lived nearby and demand that he do this to her.

That man fixed cars and did everything with her, the same as with the car. No emotions, as if repairing the engine. She didn’t enjoy it then. And this was the starting point for her in the search for love. Two more years passed after that. The woman Jo then talks about how she had a girlfriend. Together they began to keep track of their copulations on the train. They got into it. The train was moving. And while he did not stop, they copulated with passengers, counting their number. Then Jo also did not experience any pleasure. They seduced passengers from the first class, then Jo pestered a man who was in a hurry to his wife, and also had sexual intercourse with him. There is a whole series of her revelations. She enters into relationships with young people.

At the same time, he deceives that he has never done this before. She needs not just sex, but also the opportunity to take control over males. All this turns her on. She can’t stop, she takes everything too lightly. All this leads to difficult consequences. Her nymphomania leads to constant loneliness. She can be with someone, but at the same time she feels lonely.

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