Melancholia Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film “Melancholia” appeared on the screens in 2011. The opinions of the audience about him were divided – there were those who liked him very much, and those who did not find something special and worthy of attention in him.

The film has two storylines. In the first, Justin does not get any pleasure from his own wedding celebration, and this causes bewilderment of his relatives. In the second, Claire, Justine’s sister, appears – she is trying to pull her relative out of a protracted depression. In addition to not very positive events, they learn that an incomprehensible planet Melancholia is approaching the Earth, which it is not clear how it can affect the existence of the Earth. The closer this planet is, the more the sisters panic, now Claire is depressed, and Justin is trying to support his sister. Ultimately, they accept whatever is about to happen as inevitable.

What is the point of this movie? Many people, not understanding what awaits them in the future, how to behave and what to do, fall into depression. Often this happens for no apparent reason. Human psychology is designed for that. to immediately activate negative thinking, and not think about a positive outcome. The sisters are very afraid of the coming disaster, but they do not know exactly what it will happen. It is ignorance and anxiety that makes a person think about the finale in a negative way.

The life of any person directly depends on the direction of his thinking. If he tries to see the positive in everything, then life becomes easier. Problems do not seem so serious – everything can be solved, corrected, repaired. Life becomes easy and existence on this planet acquires some kind of logical meaning. But if a person constantly sees only the bad, it is not surprising that only bad events and bad people will pursue him in life. We receive and attract to ourselves what we give – this is the law of the Universe.

Yes, despite what is happening around us, it is hard to remain cheerful and radiate kindness and positive in all directions. It is even more difficult to convince yourself that bad circumstances are not forever, everything will pass and in time everything will work out. But it is imperative to find the strength to deal with these trials.

It is important to remember that a bad mood changes not only your life. It is displayed on the mood of your loved ones – why should innocent people suffer? In addition, it is natural that the negative will be transmitted from you to your children, for example, and from children to you. This is cyclical, so you need to do everything as soon as possible in order to break this connection.

Sisters Claire and Justin, as we see in the story, passed on each other a negative mood, sowed panic and fell into depression. This did not end well – they were depressed and expected the end of their existence due to the approaching planet of Melancholia. This planet is not in vain so named – melancholy is very common among people, it is most likely impossible to eradicate it. Humanity likes to constantly talk about how bad things are, feel like victims and want to be pitied. It is much more difficult to do something for your own happiness if a catastrophe awaits very soon and most likely not with the most positive outcome.

However, the point of the film is that people who are depressed are able to experience negativity more easily, because they are already tuned in to such a result – they do not expect anything good. The director showed such people as the center of calmness and a kind of indifference to what is happening, which can save them or at least alleviate their suffering.

A dubious advantage, but very realistic. It is really easier for such people to take on the negative, because they already live in the negative. Become happier and avoid negative thoughts that affect health, behavior and appearance are false but real. only constant hard work on yourself, suppressing the appearance of negative thoughts and controlling thoughts can help. This is the only way to tune in to a positive result of everything a person is involved in. Depression shortens the already short life of a person, depriving him of joy, happiness and the feeling that someone needs him in this life.

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