Love Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Meaning Of The Film Love 2015: Explanation Of The Plot & Ending. The film “Love” from the French director Gaspard Noé according to his own script. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.  But it has been repeatedly shown at festivals. In the discussions, the audience argued about the meaning of the film “Love”. Noe skillfully shows the inner experiences of the characters and the search for answers to philosophical questions.

Description of the story

The plot of the film “Love” is built around the memories of the main character – Murphy, an American student, an aspiring filmmaker. The story begins with a morning call. The protagonist, suffering from a hangover, picks up the phone. He gets a call from his ex-girlfriend Elektra’s mom.

An agitated woman informs Murphy that her daughter has not contacted her mother for two months. Mom worries about Elektra’s suicidal tendencies. This morning call awakened painful memories of a former lover.

Next to Murphy lies a pretty blonde – Omi, his girlfriend, whom he does not like. But the young man is forced to live with her because she is the mother of his beloved child. The protagonist is trying to understand how he came to such a life. To forget, Murphy drinks and uses drugs.

Important! Critics felt that the director portrayed himself in the main character. In his works, Noe leaves references to his personality. “Love” is no exception. The son of the protagonist is called Gaspard – as a director.

For several years he cannot stop thinking about Elektra. She is an artist, of free morals, cheerful. For Murphy, she is an ideal. And then the viewer is transported in time – in the period of their relationship. Elektra and Murphy were madly in love, explored every facet of the forbidden. Like ordinary couples, they quarreled, but forgave a lot.

One day the young people meet Omi. Elektra and Murphy had nothing against cheating. So he decided to sleep with a new friend. Omi becomes pregnant from him. Elektra can’t take it and leaves Murphy. After parting, the main character plunges into apathy, yearning for lost love.

The director tells the story of the protagonist in reverse chronological order. At the end, the viewer is shown the first kiss and the acquaintance of Murphy and Elektra. In the last frames, the man talks about love and remembers himself in his school years. At the age of 12, he experienced his first love disappointment. The father consoles him and says that the real feeling is yet to come.

Ending and hidden meaning

The picture has caused conflicting responses. Some considered Noé’s work to be pornography. Others admired his directing work. Most viewers did not fully understand how the film “Love” ended. Elektra’s location has not been established. The main character did not become a famous director. Therefore, many questions remain at the end of the film.

Noe showed the audience the love of two immature young people. Murphy and Elektra were more into themselves than their relationship. When they realized their feelings, they could not return anything. Too many mistakes have been made.

Routine absorbs

Elektra couldn’t forgive Murphy for betraying her dream. The girl dreamed of giving birth to a boy, Gaspard, from him. Murphy granted her wish, just not with her. Young people are too carried away by themselves and sexual experiments, not trying to solve relationship problems. Murphy was not ready for the family routine. Therefore, the hero spends time in apathy and endless self-pity.

On a note! The audience saw a deeper meaning of the film “Love”. Murphy is the only one of the characters who was able to experience a real feeling. This is fatherly love. For the sake of the baby, he sacrificed his own happiness and dream.

Critics considered this interpretation dubious. The director did not reveal the topic of Murphy and Gaspard’s relationship. He did not show manifestations of tender feelings of a father to his son. Therefore, the hero does not evoke sympathy.

Elektra, where are you?

Questions were also raised by the line connected with the disappearance of Elektra. After all, the girl was never found, and her fate remained unknown to the viewer. Yes, the girl did the right thing, cutting off all ties with her former lover. But her behavior was illogical. Elektra herself made many mistakes in their relationship.

In reviews, critics noted that the film “Love” is Noe’s weakest work. Among the advantages identified:

  • pleasant sound and visual range;
  • beautiful erotic scenes;
  • good acting.

Of the shortcomings – a drawn out boring plot and a slurred denouement. Many viewers and critics were disappointed by the weak script. They noted that neither character was sympathetic. And in some moments their behavior cannot be logically explained. But there are those who do not agree with their opinion. For them, the meaning of the film “Love” is in an atmospheric beautiful picture in which the director talks about the nature of a real feeling.

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