After.Life Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The meaning of the film After.Life. A stellar cast, a chilling plot, an emphasis on small details, surgical instruments. Life Beyond is definitely not for the faint of heart. The wild fear that envelops the heroes. They don’t seem to feel pain anymore. Their goal is to get to the bottom of the truth and comprehend an incredible secret. But what is the point of the movie?

What is the movie After.Life about?

Anna woke up after a terrible car accident. However, she cannot understand anything, because the heroine is in the morgue. Eliot, the funeral director, prepares Anna for the upcoming funeral. He claims that he has superpowers, because he hears and understands the dead. In addition, Eliot himself can talk to the dead. The manager convinces the confused heroine that she died in a car accident.

Anna is ready to accept her fate. The heroine accepts the fact of her death. However, her boyfriend Paul does not trust the funeral director. The hero begins to suspect him of something, until he himself realizes what is wrong with him. But the funeral is very close. Will Paul be able to get to the bottom of the truth and uncover the secret of the suspicious Elliot, or will he be too late.

The ending of the film “Life Beyond” is very tragic. Paul is dying. He could not save his beloved, could not cope with the experiences. He crashed his car into a tree. But was his death instantaneous, or was the hero “helped” to go to the next world? Why couldn’t Paul bring Anna back to life? And did Anna herself want to live again? Exciting plot, panic, pain, fear. The director left many questions unanswered only for the viewer to think about the meaning of his life.

The meaning of the film After.Life

Tense music, cold surgical instruments, pools of blood. What is the meaning of the movie After.Life? The director pays great attention to small details, describes chilling events in detail. Who is the funeral director really: a man with superpowers or a cruel maniac? What is Eliot’s secret?

The director’s idea is very interesting: a person should cherish his only life. You can’t just exist, go with the flow. We must rejoice at every sunrise, every day we live. It is important to plan your life, to be responsible for all your actions and actions. A person has no right to make a mistake. Human life is very fragile. You can’t treat it like it’s normal. Life is a great gift.

Actors with their performance show that every person has a choice: to become a living corpse or live a bright, joyful and happy life. We decide how our destiny will turn out. We choose the path we take.

The film shows the meaning of our whole life, as if it were a parable. What will be the path for a person, how will he overcome difficulties. What will come first for him: life values ​​or mercantile interests. The film “Life Beyond” makes you reconsider all your priorities.

When Paul approaches the coffin of his beloved at the funeral, you can read the whole range of emotions on his face. Despair, fear, heartache. When a person lies in a coffin, nothing can be done to help. Until then, everyone’s life is in their own hands. You can’t let everything go by itself. You have to fight for every day you live.

Paul was extremely upset by the loss of his chosen one. He couldn’t control his feelings. The hero crashes his car into a tree. Why did he choose this path? Did his experiences “strangle” him, preventing him from calmly enduring a heavy loss? But Paul also ended up in the morgue alive. The hero is able to feel pain. And only a living person can feel the pain.

The director also shows how blind and deep people are to the problems of their neighbor. Sometimes, they do not notice anyone around, buried in their failures, difficulties and troubles. Maybe at least once you should raise your head, look around and understand who needs help. And do your best to help those in need. The director simply despises people who live exclusively in their little world.

The meaning of the ending of the film After.Life

The end of the film is not easy to understand. An exciting plot, an atmosphere of horror and fear did their job. Who is the mysterious Elliot? This question remained open. Each viewer decides for himself: is this funeral director a maniac, a mentally ill character who is trying to talk to corpses, or a person who is trying to show the characters a real life full of various events.

Perhaps Eliot considered himself a hero who has such superpowers with which he has the right to decide who is worthy of staying alive and who should die. The original film with a deep philosophical meaning After.Life does not give a clear answer to the question of what happened at the end. But one thing can be said without a doubt, this film makes you completely reconsider your worldview and think about the meaning of being.

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