Crawl Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The meaning of the film Crawl (2019). Disaster movies always get a lot of attention. Firstly, because they are effects, frighteningly beautiful in the destructive rampant of the elements, and secondly, because people sometimes like to be scared a little. Disaster films differ from classic horror films or even thrillers in that the fears there are quite real, the threats are reliable. If you look at what the 2019 film “Crawl” is about, it will seem that there is nothing new and surprising. In fact, the plot is based on a natural disaster in Florida (most of the disaster films related to natural disasters are revealed within the state of Florida, since such things happen there really often). The disaster film is complemented by an additional threat, the invasion of alligators (which has also happened repeatedly). However, the cinema of this genre is not filmed to convey deep meanings, but to reveal the strong and vivid characters of the characters in an emergency, to make the viewer empathize with them. The film Crawl perfectly copes with this task.

What is the movie Crawl about

The action takes place in Florida. There is a warning on the news channels that a severe hurricane is approaching (it has been assigned a category 5). A swimmer student from the University of Florida receives a call from his sister. She worries about her brother and father, who now lives alone.

The young man goes to his father to warn him and get him to safety.

Nature, meanwhile, is shown in its exciting state of expectation of a natural disaster. The wind, straining, serious silence correspond to the tension of the moment.

In his father’s house, a young man finds only his dog. Here, a real panic seizes the young man, because if the father left for the former family home (it was believed that he had been sold long ago), then it takes a long time to get to him, there is no connection with his father, and the hurricane is getting closer and closer.

The streets of the city are flooded, a guy with a dog runs along them and tries to find his father.

When they finally find him, the man is already unconscious, injured. Now the reunited family is faced with the task of surviving the hurricane, getting out into civilization.

The task is complicated by alligators suddenly breaking out of the reservoir. They hunt people while they try to send a distress signal so that rescue teams can take them away.

The phone suffers during a fight with a predator, so the guy leaves it. It is becoming more and more difficult to give a signal, to report your location.

Moreover, the exit from the house that the man and his son were going to use is blocked.

In essence, the heroes find themselves locked in an alligator cage in the midst of a hurricane that is gaining momentum. The chances of survival are reduced to zero every minute, but the heroes do not give up, they develop a plan of how to get out.

The will to live helps the main characters to survive. The final shots of the movie show the characters climbing onto the roof of a house where they’ve been locked in with deadly predators.

They managed to get flares, launch them, and are watching a rescue helicopter head towards them.

The meaning of the film Crawl

The meaning of the film, as always in this genre, is to overcome the internal boundaries of a person, that a person is much stronger than he himself can imagine.

The main character is a swimmer, a pretty good athlete, but his life prepared him for victories in special comfortable conditions, he never thought that his life, as well as the life of his father, would depend on his ability to win in the water element.

The irony is that his special skills were practically not useful, the destructive water element turned out to be completely incommensurable with the “domesticated” one that the swimmer was used to. In this regard, the film destroys the illusion that man has curbed nature, surpassed and now dominates it. The fact that in the end the family gets out of the trap is not a victory over nature, but only a victory over oneself (albeit a very important one).

Last but not least, the film also speaks about the importance of family ties, because a person can fight for his relatives against the whole world, not only against a hurricane and alligators.

The meaning of the ending

The meaning of the ending is quite obvious – the heroes get out of the trap, escape, but they will never be the same again. The need to save their lives in extreme conditions changed them forever.

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