Collateral Beauty Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The American drama Collateral Beauty, directed by David Frenkel, left mixed impressions on film critics. Someone was delighted with the tape, someone did not like it at all. One thing is for sure, that the film Collateral Beauty will not leave anyone indifferent to the touching and intriguing story. What is the meaning of the bewitching picture? What events does the film Collateral Beauty tell about?

What is the movie Collateral Beauty about?

Howard Inlet is the head of a New York advertising agency. The hero makes a motivating and bright speech to his employees at the very beginning of the film. Howard is energetic and full of new ideas. However, three years later, he had to face a terrible grief – the death of his little daughter. Howard realizes that because of this tragedy, he can no longer live with his wife. Therefore, the man decides to leave the mother of his dead child.

The death of a beloved daughter left an indelible mark on Howard’s life. This misfortune inflicted a mental trauma on the man, due to which he lost the meaning of his further existence. The hero realized that he no longer had the motivation to engage in creativity. The only consolation of a man is the construction of complex structures from dominoes. After finishing the painstaking work, he ruthlessly destroys what he has done.

The advertising agency run by Howard Inlet went into decline. Wealthy clients began to leave the company one by one. Whit Yardsham – the partner of the hero – decided to sell the unprofitable business. However, Howard never made contact with him to discuss the details of the deal. To complete his plan, Whit hired a private detective. His goal is to prove the incompetence of the head of an advertising agency. In the process of surveillance, Sally Price realizes that Howard is a completely adequate man. However, the detective is embarrassed by the fact that Inlet suddenly threw three bookmark letters into his mailbox. Sally Price decided to break the law and remove the strange messages. Who are they intended for? What is the aloof and withdrawn Howard Inlet up to?

The meaning of the film Collateral Beauty

Initially, Howard’s life was everything that one could only dream of. Beloved wife, little daughter, brilliant career, high position in a large advertising company. However, the tragedy that happened to his family crossed out all plans for the future. The hero fell into a protracted depression. The man was on the edge of the abyss. His daughter was the whole universe for him. And in an instant, Howard lost the further meaning of existence. The hero completely surrendered to his grief. He realized that for him a joyful and interesting life was over.

The meaning of the film Collateral Beauty is to try to explain to the viewer a simple and well-known question: “Does time heal?” Or after a certain life stage, it only gets worse. Is it possible to continue to exist if faced with grief that completely swallowed you. How to live on if everything that inspired you and gave you strength collapsed?

Faithful friends came to the aid of the inconsolable father. However, could they feel his pain? Howard just wanted to be left alone. He was alone with his thoughts. The hero did not see further ways of developing his life, his work. And did he want to see them?! He abandoned his favorite job, left his wife and was left alone.

In the soul of the hero was unbearable pain. Should friends come to the rescue in this case? Who gave them the right to interfere in a man’s private life? Where is the line that cannot be crossed under any circumstances? The director in his film Collateral Beauty gives answers to eternal life questions.

A touching and sincere story about the all-consuming love of a parent for his little daughter, which touches the heart of the audience. The desperate man put an end to his life. He does not want and cannot exist without his child. Unconditional love. The death of his daughter divided Howard’s life into before and after. The audience sympathizes with the hero with all their hearts.

However, over time, a man understands that it is impossible to constantly suffer. The only way out of the current protracted depression is the desire to share your story with others. The hero needed to express his emotions. Each of us needs such a person who, in a difficult life period, will lend a friendly shoulder and just listen. Without unnecessary advice, comments and moralizing. Sometimes such a person is needed more than air.

The meaning of the ending of the film Collateral Beauty

Time, Love and Death appear exactly when someone needs support and help. Not all people around can see them. It can only be felt. Sometimes our past is hopeless and frightening. We ourselves ask ourselves: “How could we survive this?” But no matter how difficult the situation, it needs to be let go.

The meaning of the finale of the film Collateral Beauty is that you always need to go further. If a person constantly turns to his past, then he will never meet a bright and cloudless future. Like the hero of the movie. Howard carried memories that weighed heavily on his soul. The death of a daughter is a hard blow. However, the man found the strength to live on.

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