Identity Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

In any crime, first of all, the motives are analyzed, which are the fundamental basis of the investigation. Only in the thriller Identity initially something went wrong. That is why the non-standard storyline attracts viewers. No one understands what will happen in the next episode. The film Identity is an exciting story that does not let go until the very end. But what deep meaning did the creators put into the film? Let’s try to express our point of view.

The psychological thriller Identity is based on the works of Agatha Christie. The heroes of the film go on their next journey. They are staying at a motel. They had no other choice, because the bad weather broke out in earnest. There was a terrible downpour. The travelers decided that they would spend only one night at the motel. This event completely changed their existence. Death overtakes the characters one by one. The heroes realized with horror that they had fallen into a trap. From the thought that the killer is among them, the traveler begins to panic. They can no longer cope with their emotions and feelings. And the characters keep dying. Suddenly, travelers realized that they had gathered at this motel for a reason. But who gave the characters their own justice?

It is extremely interesting to watch the actions and emotions of the characters. A person does not know to the last what he is capable of. Especially when it turns out to be in a deadly mousetrap. Together with the characters, the audience finds themselves in an old abandoned motel. The whole atmosphere suggests that this unsightly place is cut off from the rest of the world. Outside the window is pouring rain. The heroes hoped that this motel would be a saving place for them. But it turned out the opposite. The roads are flooded. It is not possible for the characters to get out of here. Only at first they did not realize the danger.

The denouement of the thriller turned out to be extremely unexpected. The creators managed to keep the attention of the audience until the very end. Detective Identity does not contain deep philosophical reflections on the meaning of life. The only goal of the characters is to survive. But the killer leaves no evidence. All characters are in a closed space. Was it just someone’s imagination? There is also a diagnosis in the film – “fragmentation of one person into several”. It is always a concomitant disease. It arises against the background of strong emotional upheavals experienced in childhood. But “dissociative identity disorder” is an extremely rare diagnosis. That is why Dr. Malik decided to take over this case. He believes that he has a chance to find a cure for this disease.

In the body of Malcolm Rivers, several personalities coexist at the same time. The motel is contained in the head of one person. The character cannot control his emotions, he is not able to control his feelings. The meaning of the film Identity is for the viewer to look at a clear example of what the internal struggle of the human mind is. In every person there is not only a bright side, but also a dark one. People prefer to remain silent about their hard-hitting actions. They do not “exhibit” their weak character traits. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. A person throughout his life leads an invisible struggle with himself, with his hidden desires and sometimes frightening thoughts. And it is extremely difficult to come out victorious in this battle.

All the characters in the film were born on the same day. May 10. This is almost impossible to find. But there is something else that connects them. Their names contain the names of the states. Crimes are real. But it only seems. All murders took place in the character’s head. He lived in his fantasies. The imaginary world has replaced the harsh reality for him. Only in his head there were much more terrible events. With each new murder, the hero of the film lost one of his fragmented personalities. The character did not realize that he was seriously ill. But why should he be tried if all the crimes took place exclusively in his head?

In the film Identity the characters are not similar to each other. Among the characters there is a hysterical woman, a former policeman, a prisoner, and an exemplary family man. This is far from a complete list. Each character has their own amazing life story. They are so different that the viewer initially wonders what made them end up in the same abandoned motel. There is a dark and sinister atmosphere around. The characters understand that no one can be trusted. At critical moments in life, some begin to confess their actions, for which they are now ashamed. But no one can hide from the terrifying power. Characters can calculate the next moves for a long time, analyze the situation, make further plans. They don’t know yet that they are doomed. Only one person should remain in the head of the alleged killer. And the criminal made an extremely unexpected move. He chose the character that the audience could least think of. Therefore, the intriguing psychological detective story Identity received positive reviews from film critics and the love of fans of this genre.

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