Elizabeth Harvest Ending Explained & Film Analysis

An interesting and very exciting film Elizabeth Harvest (2018) will appeal to fans of science fiction and people interested in the cloning process. The film appeared on the screens of viewers in 2018 and left many different opinions regarding the plot and the development of events in it. For some, some of the details were illogical and unjustified, and some of the viewers noted a simple, uncomplicated beginning. This opening skillfully leads the viewer to an interesting development of events and keeps the intrigue throughout the movie. Nevertheless, for everyone who watched this film, their own, special, meaning became clear. What does this story say, what problems are violated in the film, what is its meaning – more on that later.

Elizabeth has just married Henry and they have moved into a house together that has a secret room in the basement. The husband does not allow his beloved to go there for any reason, but the girl’s interest wins and she goes there. What does she see? She sees her clones. Henry kills his young wife for not listening to him. After that, the plot unfolds, and the viewer sees a repeating story – only now the awakened clone kills Henry. Claire and Oliver, who are also part of this whole convoluted story, are actually doing scientific research and cloning people. They tried to clone the dead Elizabeth, but at first they didn’t succeed. Later, it turns out that Henry cloned himself and thus Oliver appeared in this story.

The meaning of the film Elizabeth Harvest by Sebastian Gutierrez

Then strange events take place that are difficult to analyze if you just read the reviews, and not watch the movie. The new clone destroys Oliver and Elizabeth. The film’s flashback takes the viewer back to the time when Henry and Claire are discussing the ins and outs of human cloning. It turns out that Henry is using clones to spend his wedding night with them. The house, along with all the documents and secrets that remain in it, now belongs to Claire.

Claire clones Elise, who asks her to do something to improve and continue the cloning process.

The main meaning of the film is the search and acceptance of oneself, understanding one’s desires. Unfortunately, in an ordinary person there is neither enough money nor the ability to simply take and clone oneself or someone else. He can only delve into himself to understand who he really is and what he is. One can only guess how unhappy Oliver was that he decided to clone not only himself, but also other people. His mania to relive their wedding night over and over again drove him crazy and forced him to “multiply” himself and Elizabeth. Trying to satisfy his needs in this way, he tried to make himself happy, but pleasant emotions and achieving the goal were not enough for him.

A person must work on himself, analyze his thoughts and actions, study himself. It is impossible to fully explore the world around you without first understanding what you are of yourself. It can also be said that Oliver had a dream in a complex to understand the features of the cloning process. For this, he created a large number of clones. Throughout the development of the plot, we see what this leads to – the clones begin to quarrel with each other, become out of control. This is the reason that there was no system in Oliver’s own head, not everything was exactly laid out on the shelves. And if your own dreams, goals and thoughts are in a chaotic state, then what can we say about who is subject to you?

Successful people achieve all their goals because they know what they want. They have self-awareness and understanding of their needs, they have developed a system of values ​​and priorities for themselves. From this they are not only successful, but also happy – both externally and internally. Every person should strive for this – not only those who want to become successful and famous, but also the most ordinary people.

At the end, the clone asks Claire to do something about her cloning case before she leaves the house. This is a metaphor for the inner personality, which, as it were, “asks” the body shell to finally understand itself. She asks to comprehend oneself as an integral system, as a person, not to kill oneself with a chaotic state of thoughts. Order in the head is one of the most important reasons for a person’s happiness and harmony in his soul.

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