The Goldfinch Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The film The Goldfinch (2019) is based on the work of Donna Tartt, who won the Pulitzer Prize. But did the director manage to convey to the viewer the deep meaning of the drama? What feelings and emotions does the film The Goldfinch evoke? A touching story, an interestingly developing plot, a brilliant cast and a philosophical meaning of the film make every person think about their life.

What is the film The Goldfinch about?

Explosion at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The boy lost his mother. The hero himself was born “in a shirt”, he survived by a miracle. Now he is an orphan. What will be his future fate?

An orphan boy receives an unexpected surprise from an old man who is about to die. Theodore Dekker was given a ring and a rare painting by the victim of the terrorist attack. These gifts will turn his world upside down, fill him with joy and happiness. The hero will plunge into a wonderful land of creativity and art. Little Theodore will plunge into an incredible world that will help him cope with difficult memories and survive a terrible tragedy.

The boy will visit Las Vegas (it is where his useless dad lives), in New York. Theodore meets an antique dealer. He will show the adventurous hero a lot of artistic fakes, teach them to distinguish and sell. This incredible world will enchant the boy.

But there is something that does not let Theo go: memories. Before his eyes often pop up: a picture of a small bird and bright red hair of a beautiful stranger, whom he saw on the day of the terrorist attack.

The meaning of the film The Goldfinch

The story of a little boy is touching to the core. As a gift from a dying old man, Theodore Dekker received an amazing painting. It has a small bird on it. She is sitting on the feeder. A small bird is chained to it. It was because of this famous canvas that the thirteen-year-old Theodore came with his mother to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. After a terrible event, the life of the protagonist was divided into before and after. Theodore will feel guilty for many years.

After the famous painting was in the hands of the boy, it became his stimulus, the driving force. The hero has become a person. He devoted a lot of time to self-development, travel, knowledge. The boy was “greedy” for life. Theodore was in constant search for himself and the meaning of life.

What is the meaning of the film “Goldfinch”? About the influence of creativity and art on everyone’s life? About growing up and becoming a person? How to find a new meaning to move on? How to learn to enjoy life again and be grateful for every day you live? About great grief and irreparable loss? Probably, each viewer decides for himself.

The image of the painting depicting a small bird is the key. The goldfinch is chained to the feeder. The framework in which each person lives individually. We depend on everything. Almost every step we take is tightly controlled by society. Like a painting, we create our lives. A brushstroke – an accident – life abruptly changes its trajectory. Many events in the world occur regardless of our desire. Why do we need tests? Know yourself, decide what we can and what we can’t do.

The main idea of ​​the film “The Goldfinch” is that a person should always strive for perfection. To see beauty in everything, to create beauty around oneself is the driving force of any development.

Even the strongest shocks in our lives should not lead us astray. The film “Goldfinch” teaches everyone not to give up and never give up. A lot of pain is part of growing, moving forward. If the hero had not had a tragedy in his life, he would never have become what he became.

Drama “Goldfinch” is a story about grief, about grief, about loss. The film shows that in an instant a person’s world can collapse. Nobody is immune from tragedy. When a person finds himself in a difficult life situation, he has to forget about the right and easy way. His road will run through obstacles, difficulties and problems. How to behave in this situation? How not to succumb to circumstances and not give up? The film Goldfinch answers these questions.

The meaning of the finale of the film The Goldfinch

The finale of the film Goldfinch could not be simple and understandable. Travel, adventure, introspection and introspection. And again a small bird chained to the feeder. There was a feeling of inadequacy. Theodore moved from the metropolis to a small house. He began to live in a sparsely populated desert. His life has changed dramatically. Theodore has an unusual friend Boris. A new eccentric friend brought amazing emotions and bright colors into the boy’s life.

After watching the film The Goldfinch, many people have a desire to reconsider their lives and their main goals, to look inside themselves. Never give up, no matter how bad the person is. No emotional experiences should unsettle a person. Always, under any circumstances, you need to find the strength to move on. Forward. And only forward. No matter what.

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