The Haunted Ending Explained & Film Analysis

For a year and a half, horror fans have been waiting for the appearance in the official office of David Holrod’s film The Haunted, filmed in 2018. But after watching, some viewers were disappointed, because they did not fully understand the meaning of the film The Haunted. The meaning of the film: summary, plot, ending

A detailed analysis of the tape will help to understand the intention of the authors and provide answers to many questions.

Summary of the film The Haunted

It is better to start the analysis with a brief summary of the picture. Without this, it will be difficult to understand the meaning of the film The Haunted

Interesting! It took the creators only 11 days to shoot the picture.

The action of the picture takes place in a luxurious mansion with a large number of rooms. The house belongs to Arthur Cunningham, who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

The man had a daughter who died tragically. The helpless old man was left alone and needs care.

Young girl Emily needs a job and she agrees to become a night nurse to the owner of the house. After receiving instructions from the day nurses, the girl is left alone with the patient for the night.

The patient practically does not talk, constantly sleeps. In addition, the girl always thinks that someone else is in the house. Every now and then you hear the sound of slamming doors. The heroine feels uncomfortable, the atmosphere of the house puts pressure on the psyche.

Emily settles down at the monitor to watch the sleeping old man. The girl tends to sleep, but the unexpectedly opened door does not let her fall asleep.

Alarmed, Emily heads to the patient’s room, making another attempt to talk to him. But the old man is still silent.

After examining the room, the heroine notices a photograph of the owner with his daughter. The girl decides to call her daughter, and informs Cunningham about it. But he remains indifferent.

Determined to find her daughter’s phone number, Emily searches the rooms. To her surprise, the rooms look residential. During the search, the girl again hears extraneous noises. Returning to the monitor, the heroine discovers that the patient is not in bed.

Entering the old man’s room, the heroine finds him next to the bed relieving need. After putting Cunningham to bed, Emily goes to the closet to get some supplies. But suddenly someone outside locks the door. The mortally frightened girl, breaking down the door, jumps out into the street.

Encounter with a ghost

Conscience does not allow the heroine to leave the old man alone and she returns to the house. The nurse is trying to calm the semi-delirious old man. From his incoherent words, Emily manages to understand that Cunningham is talking about a ghost.

After another examination of the house, the girl comes to the conclusion that the ghost is the deceased daughter of the owner. After finding the Ouija board, the heroine tries to talk to the entity. But it is not possible to establish a dialogue and the nurse decides to leave the house with the old man.

However, taking Cunningham away is not so easy. The old man suddenly becomes aggressive and attacks the heroine. While fighting off a patient, Emily accidentally pushes him down the stairs. Cunningham falls and is smashed to death.

The girl runs out into the street, where her mother is already waiting for her.

Plot Explanation

At first glance, it seems that the film The Haunted (2018) is completely meaningless. But if at first the viewer only passively follows the movements of Emily, then by the middle of the film the tension increases more and more, forcing you to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the tape.

Interesting! The peculiarity of the film lies in an interesting technical solution. To create the effect of being next to the heroine, the camera does not move away from Emily, following her everywhere.

Together with the heroine, the audience will learn about the terrible secrets of the house. And the various small loopholes left by the authors allow us to understand the true meaning of the film The Haunted. Several hints at the beginning of the film about the nurse’s problems with her father indicate that this is not just a scary story about otherworldly creatures. This is a story about a father and daughter who failed to mend their relationship.

What is the essence of the ending

The ending of the tape left many viewers bewildered. Judging by the reviews of those who watched the film, the meaning of the final scene of The Haunted (2018) left many questions.

The tape ends with Emily running outside, but at the same time, someone continues to wander around the house with her flashlight. The authors do not explain how the girl’s mother ended up near the house, suddenly emerging from the forest.

It can be assumed that the nurse was a ghost strangled by her father in the basement. The authors deliberately made such an ending of the film in order to give each viewer the opportunity to find their own interpretation of the meaning of the finale of The Haunted (2018).

The Haunted is full of understatement. But if you understand the tips correctly, then everything will fall into place.

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