Ghost Stories Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The meaning of the film Ghost Stories (2017). Men’s complexes and fears are fully reflected in the film. This is the fear of losing his beloved wife, and the expectation of the birth of his own child, and the fear of being alone in old age, when he is sick and weak, and even the fear of not being able to cope with a car or getting stuck in an unfamiliar area at night. The worst thing is that these fears live in every man, of any age and social status, even if he is a complete atheist and skeptic.

Explanation of the movie Ghost Stories

Andy Nyman is great as Philip Goodman, the host of a TV show that aims to debunk belief in the supernatural. The skeptic Goodman doesn’t just demolish the deceitful practices of psychic charlatans, he takes a certain vain glee at what he’s doing. At the beginning of the film, he debunks a psychic charlatan, but has no sympathy for an emotionally broken woman who has just been swindled by a scammer. It is clear from the outset that Goodman is on a pedestal from which he needs to be rightfully knocked off.

Soon this is exactly what happens. Goodman was contacted by Charles Cameron, a 1970s paranormal researcher who had inspired Goodman as a child. Cameron is Goodman’s role model, a seasoned practitioner of deconstruction television, a man who has debunked the supernatural. Goodman has long believed Cameron to be dead, but then finds out that he lives in a mobile home, sick, lonely and disillusioned with his beliefs. Cameron tells Goodman that he has changed his mind about something he has denied all his life, and three cases contributed to this. And then requires Goodman to study these unexplained supernatural events. And so, Goodman finds three men haunted by ghosts: a night watchman in a former lunatic asylum, a young man who hit an incomprehensible creature with a car on a night forest road, and, finally, haunted Martin Freeman, who was preparing to become a father, being no longer young.

The structure of the film consists of three relatively autonomous short films that are connected by one thematic basis. Interestingly, ghosts haunt men who have real problems in life, and Goodman willingly explains all cases of the paranormal as hallucinations from experienced experiences. For example, the first man’s wife died of cancer, and the daughter has an incurable mental illness. And the ghost that haunts him calls him dad, seeks to hug and hold him. The future father learns from the poltergeist that his wife will die during childbirth, giving birth to a monster. A guy who hit someone on a forest road is tormented by something terrible and incomprehensible. He is alone and there is nowhere to wait for help, as in real life.

Nyman and Dyson offer the viewer not the usual ghost storytelling that frightens with abrupt appearances, but gives an emotional tension based on simple, interconnected elements. The first story, about a night watchman at an orphanage, draws on classic horror elements like failing electricity, lights that go out, and footsteps in the dark. But the ghost girl does not seek to scare or kill, she, like a daughter, hugs a frightened man and runs her fingers over his face, stopping in the mouth area.
In this film, there is no panic, murder, blood, dismemberment and other attributes of horror films of recent years. But the tension does not let go of the viewer during the entire viewing of the tape. As each of the individual stories reaches a climax, the narrative transitions into a different picture, but that’s not disappointing because the way Dyson and Nyman let each story build a new twist is surprisingly effective. And then Martin Freeman appears in the final act to give it a new, unexpected form.

The meaning of the ending of the movie Ghost Stories

The ending turns fear into psycho-horror and turns the entire movie on its head as three pieces of the puzzle unfold into the fourth and final act. Hallucinations and paranoia lead the protagonist to thoughts of suicide. He failed to fulfill his plan, and now he lies in a deep coma, experiencing his life in a new way, through the prism of other people and their destinies, caused by the delirium of an inflamed brain. But what concerns him himself is a terrible and inexplicable truth that lives deep in Goodman’s subconscious. And she’s ready to break out.

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