The Gentlemen Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The meaning of the film The Gentlemen: a description of the plot and ending. Guy Ritchie is one of the leading British filmmakers in Hollywood. He began his journey at the turn of the century, giving the world two classic paintings “Cards, Money, Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch”. Since then, Richie has been working non-stop at big studios, releasing one multi-million dollar blockbuster after another. At the beginning of 2020, Richie unexpectedly returns to his roots and shoots a reckless crime comedy. What is the hidden meaning of the film “The Gentlemen”?

Description of the story

The plot of the film “The Gentlemen” unfolds in several time planes. Today, journalist Peter Fletcher blackmails criminal Raymond Smith. Fletcher claims he has information worth £150,000 in cash. Smith decides to listen to Fletcher’s story. Actions move to the recent past.

Raymond Smith is an assistant to London gangster Mickey Pearson. Smart and self-confident, Mickey has built a career in the drug trade. Following the principles, Mickey never deals with small fry. At the disposal of Mickey Pearson is a whole underground laboratory for growing marijuana. The criminal has planned to get out of the illegal business and is preparing to make a deal with the influential Matthew Berger.

But at the most inopportune moment, the laboratory is robbed by unknown people. Pearson is then threatened by the leader of a local gang of thugs called Dry Eye. On top of that, in the course of a showdown with heroin addicts, Fletcher kills one of the drug addicts, and the slum dwellers film it on a smartphone. It will not be easy for Mickey Pearson to deal with all the problems at once.

On a note! The narrative moves from the past to the present throughout the film, so the intrigue is kept secret until the very end.

Ending and hidden meaning

Let’s find out how the film The Gentlemen ended. By the second half of the picture, it becomes clear that the lab was robbed by teenagers from the mixed martial arts gym. The trainer of the MMA fighters who robbed Mickey comes to Raymond Smith in person and offers his services as an apology. He had to complete three tasks and play a key role in confronting the criminals.

It becomes clear that Matthew Berger is a traitor who decided to bring down the price of the drug lab with the help of Dry Eye. But Mickey Pearson calculated the attackers’ plan in advance. The story of Fletcher, who gave out information about the conspiracy of Berger and Dry Eye, helped the criminals in this. All other information was known to Smith for a long time. Moreover, the Coach and his henchmen took away Fletcher’s dirt and life insurance long before the journalist’s visit to Smith’s house.

Discouraged, Fletcher reveals the last secret – who attempted on the life of Mickey Pearson. It turns out to be an influential Russian oligarch, whose son Smith personally threw out of the window during a task with heroin addicts. The picture is coming together.

Unexpected ending

When information about the Russians becomes clear, a car with armed Russian bandits drives up to the building. They are spotted by Coach, who has just left Smith’s villa. It is Coach who saves Smith. And this despite the fact that by that time he had already settled with the mafia and did not owe Smith anything.

So what is the point of the movie The Gentlemen? Everything is quite simple here. Guy Ritchie, tired of the multimillion-dollar Hollywood blockbusters, returns to his roots. The director makes films in the spirit of such works as:

  • Cards, money, two barrels
  • big jackpot
  • rock and roll

They were built according to the same formula: there are several storylines in the plot, which are gradually intertwined with each other and add up to the finale. But in the finale, Guy Ritchie breaks another wall: the whole story turns out to be a script reading in a Hollywood studio. Fletcher tried to sell the Mickey Pearson story to producers, but was eventually caught by Smith and Pearson at the most inopportune moment. Only then does this matryoshka movie with an endless number of storylines layered on top of each other come to an end.

Interesting! In EU, the film “The Gentlemen” broke all existing records, becoming the highest-grossing author’s film in history.

But the main secret of the success of “The Gentlemen” is that Richie fills the screen space with charismatic characters, whose winged quotes have already entered the people. Guy Ritchie reminded the world that he is not only a crime connoisseur, but also an excellent comedy director.

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