The Blackcoat’s Daughter Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015) was shot in the genre of horror film with elements of drama. In the center is the story of an adult girl who has secrets in a past life.

The film The Blackcoat’s Daughter is a complex and controversial film. Pleased with the cast, consisting of young beautiful girls. The originality lies in the fact that the fates of three characters are simultaneously considered in it. The first two girls live in the same timeline. And the last one is in another line. The first two girls, still very young, are called Rose and Kat. They are in school and the holidays have already begun.

The meaning of the film The Blackcoat’s Daughter

The intrigue is that for some reason, the girls decided to stay at the school after the holidays began. This could not be done, since two women appeared who probably had a connection with the devil. As a result, Rose takes care of Kat, who is younger than her. But with Kate it’s not so easy. Rose finds her as she sits on her knees, in a nervous fit, swinging near a running boiler. Previously, she had a vision that her parents were in a car accident. She tells Rose about this and begins to arch her back. At the same time, another girl Joan, who is in a different timeline, tries to call the street phone.

She is unable to do it. Then an old man named Bill notices her and decides to help her. She gets into his car and he wants to bring her home. Bill tells her that his daughter disappeared many years ago. On the way, Joan asks to stop, saying that she is ill. She attacks Bill and his wife and cuts off their heads with a knife. Nearby is Bradford School, where she once studied. She carries the head of Bill and his wife there. Here the viewer understands that Joan is an adult Kat. The girl stole the passport of Joan, who was killed by her, and thus took her name. And Bill and his wife are her parents.

In another timeline, during Joan’s time as Cat, it is shown that the bodies of two women with their heads cut off were found at Bradford School. Also there is a severed head of Rose. Kat herself is arrested by the police and she spends the next years in a psychiatric hospital. Thus, during the course of the film, Cat-Joan killed Rose’s friend, two women who worship the devil. And in the future, in adulthood, she killed her elderly parents and Joan.

The film is another work about the adventures of a maniac, which this time is a girl possessed by the devil. Probably, these are new references to the famous Jason Voorhees, who at least did not raise his hand to his parents. Although only mother Pamela Voorhees was there, but her father was not. There is also Michael Myers. As for the representatives of the weaker sex, in this regard, the viewer is deprived. Although in “Scream 4” a young girl turned out to be a maniac. But this happens very rarely. And why ? Maybe the fact is that by choosing a woman as the main character, the writers will have to shoot a drama instead of a slasher.

There are illegitimate children, and unhappy love with pregnancy, as well as a showdown about whose lipstick is better. Maybe someone likes it. Another thing, men in horror films. It’s more serious here. One only “Leatherface”, dancing on a fast moving car, with a chainsaw in his hands, which is worth it. In Asian cinema it is different. The girls there are tougher. For example, the ghost of Kayako or the Woman with the Slit Mouth.

Nevertheless, maniac girls still appear in Western cinema. Here the audience is already more refined, sensitive to experiences. Movies already come with meaning, and are not just a source of cranberry juice. What is the moral of the canvas in question The Blackcoat’s Daughter? The girl had normal schooling, healthy parents, but the devil ordered her to kill. He told her that her mother and father would die if she didn’t kill those two women and Rose. However, her parents lived for many more years. And the prison priest expelled the devil from Kat and she saw how the creature with horns leaves her. It is quite possible that the girl was simply not herself and no dark forces were infused into her. After all, much later, already like Joan, she killed her parents.

If there was a devil in her, who was expelled by the priest, then she, years later, would not have attacked her relatives. So Kate was just not herself. But what caused the confusion? Here, again, the difficult topic of female growing up is raised, when various shifts can occur in the psyche of a teenager. Perhaps Kat should have spent more time, kept in touch with her. Try to understand her. Maybe the parents shouldn’t have sent her off to boarding school alone, alienating the child. Not all children will be able to endure such tests.

As a result, the meaning of the film is in the problem of female loneliness and growing up. Perhaps only a strong adult psyche can be able to cope with trials that a teenager, especially a girl, is not able to withstand. So the film The Blackcoat’s Daughter talks about the need to show human warmth to others, not to ignore those who are nearby, not to bring things to a tragedy. By the way, the very title of the work refers the viewer to the coldest month of the year. And this suggests that at such a time it is necessary to warm each other with human warmth.

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  1. Nixie

    Kate did not kill her parents. She killed Rose’s parents. Nine years later after killing the nuns and Rose.