Dreamcatcher Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The opinions of critics and viewers are mixed. But it cannot be otherwise. This is a psychological picture. The film is food for thought. Naturally, everyone perceives everything through the prism of their vision of being.

Plot Features

The core of the plot, it seems, is standard: the struggle of the defenders – earthlings with evil aliens – the invaders.

But everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

In the center of the plot are four characters who have been friends since childhood. Everyone has a difficult fate with unexpected twists and turns. According to the situation, they gather in a remote house in the forest. This circumstance is intriguing.

And everything would have been fine with them if the alien had not wandered into the light. It’s a really philosophical question that puzzles: if they see something that others don’t see, maybe it’s all they are only dreaming of!? After all, it is not for nothing that the film director named the film in which the word “dream” appears.

Events develop in such a way that the heroes find a ritual thing. This is a dream catcher, which is believed to drive away evil spirits and promote good sleep.

And if everything that happens to the heroes is a dream, then this is a bad dream. So why doesn’t the dream catcher work, doesn’t “work”?

In the film, it does not “work” because, in fact, it is our reality. Yes, the movie is fantastic. But how similar everything is to our life!

Four characters “read” other people’s thoughts. Who among us does not read them? Every day, like in the Groundhog’s Dream, the same thing happens. Now the rumpled face of the usher in the tram will appear. Then coffee at work. The angry cry of the chief. A call from the family, there is a 100% problem. Evening trip to the store. The news is predictable: prices have risen. Further “headache” or “tired”, etc.

So it is not difficult to be a soothsayer or thought reader, especially knowing the habits of others. The same thing happens with heroes.

Whether the viewer wanted it or not, the film keeps him in suspense while watching. Everyone was waiting for an answer to the question, what is it all about? And its “highlight” is that the viewer himself must give the answer. It was necessary to “creak” brains. However, the new generation, brought up on works where everything is served “on the palm of your hand”, did not bother and rated the film as incomprehensible, “muddy”.

And how wrong! This film has a deep subtext.

Mystery Movie – Unpredictable Answers

All these worms, ugly humanoids, mushroom-like substances are all negative that surrounds and accompanies a person all his life.

All people know “what is good and what is bad.” And everyone wants to be good. But in the subconscious mind sits that “bad” with which a person struggles all his life. And, looking back into the past, they analyze their bad, in their opinion, deeds. And they are very sorry that nothing can be fixed. But they really want this hopelessly.

But evil does not doze: from time to time it jumps out. And then a person commits unexpected (both for others and for himself) actions. Then again – brainstorming: how did I manage!?

Here is Gail – the new wife of Josh’s dad – a psychologist, believes that daytime information received by a person is processed in a dream. And it’s true. But not just pictures, a person saw and not just situations in which he took part. And their perceptions and sensations. He re-experiences his emotions. His sensory world lives in a dream.

When a mother comes to a boy in the form of a monster, you can’t imagine worse! The film touches on the viewer’s memories of the past. Mom is the embodiment of tenderness, love and care. And suddenly this! Is this possible!?

In dreams, dead loved ones come to people. Psychologists say that the spruces appeared in a bright image, which means they help. If it is ugly, they warn, warn, forbid. This “dream” is a warning.

And the film is perceived as a combination of sleep and wakefulness of a person.

It seems that the authors of this picture (director and screenwriter) assigned the main role to Josh. All the time he really is between dream and reality. This is especially confirmed when you watch the scene where Ruth tells Gail that her grandson killed his mother.

How did Gayle react? She did not wring her hands, she simply said that it was all treated. You just need to take medicine.

This leads to reflection. Science is good, of course. But what to do with inexplicable but present facts? And if everyone remembers inexplicable cases from life!? And the film is only confirmation that a person not only creates his own destiny.

And the episode with the cloud! It’s like a warning! If evil sucks your soul out of you, you are a slave of the Dark Forces. You are a soulless being.

In the film, Josh, left without understanding and support, came into contact with the Demon, who guides him and his actions. The boy himself can no longer analyze his actions.

The ending of the movie is especially scary. Gail, when she doubted her beliefs that everything is explainable from the point of view of science, nevertheless buries the dream catcher amulet. But horror! He is found by other children. So Evil will continue to exist?

However, this is a rhetorical question. Everyone knows that Good and Evil have been and will be, that they are in eternal confrontation. And it all depends on which side the person chooses. About this movie. The director caught this idea of ​​King and embodied it in his motion picture.

The film withstood all the principles of the genre: special effects, alien images, horror episodes that chill the blood, etc.

But still, “Dreamcatcher” is a reflection of our reality. It’s like a call. Each person must remain a person in the full sense of the word. Do not cultivate negativity in yourself, this helps the Demon. Be optimistic, compassionate, sympathetic, humane. The whole world will depend on it.

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