Filth Review: What Does the Ending of Mean?

Filth is a 2013 film directed by John S. Baird, based on Irvine Welsh’s equally stinking book Shit. To understand the meaning of the film Filth helps a series of confusing events in which there is love and betrayal, murder and power struggle and, of course, mental disorders with hallucinations. Where without them?

Meaning of the film Filth: explanation of the plot & ending.

Description of the story

The plot of the film Filth revolves around Christmas. Do you think it will be imbued with a good Christmas spirit? You are wrong. The protagonist of the film is Police Sergeant Bruce Robertson (James McAvoy), an ambitious fellow, without excessive virtuous qualities and, what is there, without a conscience, dreaming of career growth.

Interesting! Irvine Welsh, who was heavily involved in the making of the film, initially disapproved of McAvoy for the role of Robertson. “Too young, too handsome…” But James just won him over with his reincarnation as Bruce. “It seemed as if his stubble even grew in five minutes!” Welsh recalled.

In the beginning there was a position

The beginning of the story can be considered the moment when his boss Bob Toal announces the vacant position of the inspector. But Bruce is not the only contender for a promotion.

Among its competitors:

  • Peter Inglis, an experienced detective whom Bruce suspects of being homosexual;
  • Dougie Gillman, Scottish cop, part-time racist;
  • Gus Bain, with retirement just around the corner;
  • Ray Lennox, cocaine nose powderer;
  • Amanda Drummond, the only woman on the list, about whom there is not much to say.

With such a large number of opponents, it is impossible to win in decent ways, only by solving the murder of a Japanese student. But the hero’s wife, Carol, is waiting for him to confirm his love in the form of a promotion. And Bruce, initially not burdened by the concepts of honor and conscience, begins to act:

  • spreading rumors about Peter’s orientation,
  • sets the team against the young Lennox,
  • sleeps with Gillman’s wife.

And you will be cured

Bruce’s life, in general, is already full of events. He dabbled in drugs, did not disdain casual relationships, was not loyal enough to suspects. In addition, he amused himself by calling the wife of his friend Bladesey under the assumed name of Frank Sidebottom and embarrassing her with vulgar talk. And then, in his own name as a police sergeant, he frantically “searched” for a telephone bully.

Not surprisingly, a series of these events affected Bruce’s mental state. He begins to see hallucinations and nightmares. Naturally, all this does not help him in any way in solving the murder of a Japanese student. He decides to at least “solve” the case of the “telephone bully” and blames it on… Bladesey. Togo is imprisoned, and Bruce immediately hurries to comfort his friend’s wife.

On a note! Dr. Rossi, to whom the hero addresses with complaints of a mental disorder, does not help him. On the contrary, it aggravates the situation by appearing to him in nightmares with a reminder of his most disgusting deeds. Is conscience personified by the doctor in this film?

Ending and hidden meaning

How did the movie Filth end? It would be too easy to fire him from the police or turn him into a madhouse. At the end of the film, another mystery is revealed. It turns out that Carol left him a long time ago, having gone to her lover. And all this time he communicated with her only in his hallucinations, while dressing in a woman’s dress and wandering the streets.

Interesting! Roles with disguises work out for McAvoy like no other. What is his work in the film “Split”, which tells the story of Billy Milligan. The actor had to play more than a dozen different psychopath personalities.

On one of these high-heeled promenades, Bruce is attacked by bandits suspected of killing a Japanese man. Christmas night ends tragically: the detective kills the leader of the gang, and he himself is found beaten up, in women’s clothes. After that, of course, with all honors, he is demoted to the rank of constable.

Incredible intrigues and webs of lies, in which the main character is completely entangled, provide for only one ending. He records a video message to the person in front of whom he feels guilty, to Bladesey. She throws a scarf around her neck and overturns a chair under her feet.

The meaning of the film Filth is that many are in a hurry to live this life quickly and boldly. Without stopping, at full speed. Having tried everything. And drugs and promiscuity. Not having time to acquire relatives, friends, family on the fly. Or having time, but losing all the most precious things in the high-speed stream of a meaningless life. And only with a rope around their necks do they understand that there is no one nearby who could open the door in time and prevent something terrible from happening.

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