Demolition Meaning Movie & Plot Summary

The American drama Demolition (2015) turned out to be confusing and unpredictable. Directed by Jean-Marc Vallee knows how to interest the audience. It is impossible to accurately retell the film, one can only understand its hidden meaning. What is the movie Demolition about? Shocking scenes, an interesting denouement and a non-standard storyline. The story of Davis Mitchell, in which every viewer will feel something special.

What is the movie Demolition about?

Davis is a promising financier. The hero recently experienced an irreparable loss. His wife is dead. However, the successful young man does not feel any emotions about this sad event. A successful financier is trying to buy chocolate from a special vending machine located in a shopping mall. However, something went wrong. Davis never received his purchase.

Frustrated by what happened, the hero writes an angry message to the company, whose responsibility is to ensure the health of the vending machines. When Davis wrote the text of the complaint, he became emotional and described the events of his own life. The hero suffers from loneliness, so he has no one to talk to.

An unusual letter interested one of the employees of the company. While in her customer service role, Karen had access to Davis’ complaint. Warm friendly relations began between the financier and the employee of the company.

The meaning of the film Demolition

Impenetrable and cold-blooded protagonist. Davis had a terrible tragedy, to which he turned out to be absolutely indifferent. No sad thoughts, no emotions, nothing. He seems to be looking at his life from the outside, not taking any part in it. The hero resembles the image of an outsider who, quite by accident, ended up in this world. Does he have deep tender feelings for his wife? Unlikely. Most likely, Davis simply does not notice her.

It seems that the hero does not live, but simply lives his days. An aimless, joyless, uninteresting existence. The hero himself doomed himself to life in a half-asleep state. It would have continued like this if the terrible tragedy had not happened. His wife has died. After this event, Davis seemed to wake up from hibernation.

The hero suddenly realized what he was spending his life on. Davis tried to look around. He does not understand why the bereavement did not reflect pain in his heart? After all, he, like any normal person, must suffer, worry, think about how to continue to exist without his soulmate. Not even a hint of grief. Does this speak of the cynicism and heartlessness of the hero? Or did he just not learn to be compassionate? Maybe Davis lacks the ability to feel?

Over time, the hero clearly realizes that his indifference, inner calm are signs of a not quite normal person. It shouldn’t be like that. Davis is not going to leave this thought without attention. He tries to engage in self-digging, to understand himself and his thoughts.

For the first time in his life, the hero set out to find out the true cause of his insensitivity. Gradually, he began to look around. Davis noticed a leak in the refrigerator, and a door that creaks very much, and a lot of other domestic problems that have been interfering with the life of his wife for a long time. But not to him. Davis simply did not notice all these worldly troubles. Or didn’t want to notice?

Suddenly, the hero realized that he had connected his life with an unloved person. He did not feel tender and reverent feelings for his wife. Her requests were ignored, as she was indifferent to him. But was it really like this?

The meaning of the finale of the film Demolition

The hero understood himself, understood the reason for his insensitivity. It seems that we can put an end to history. But for Davis, this was just the beginning. Taking things apart, the hero seeks to get to the bottom of the matter. Davis does not yet understand that with his actions and thoughts he is destroying his own life. The coordinated mechanism has been launched. But the hero does not fully realize this. He sincerely believes that on the small fragments of his life he will find the answer to the question that tormented him.

Analyzing each event bit by bit, Davis was horrified to discover the truth. He is depressed, it is difficult for him to believe and accept the truth to which he has come. The couple truly loved each other. However, Davis himself trampled on their deep feelings. He destroyed everything that connected them. There was empty indifference.

And suddenly he remembered cute little notes, the look of his wife’s happy eyes, romantic dates, a warm and familiar voice. So many happy memories. But why was he blind to them? Why didn’t he hear his wife when she was alive? How to live with this burden? After all, she sincerely loved him until the last day of her life. And he betrayed her with his detachment, insensitivity and indifference.

Davis took full responsibility for the failed life of his wife. However, the hero decided not to give up. He will try to get out of his shell of indifference. And who will help him? Karen? A carefree and naive girl will open the eyes of the hero to a bright and unpredictable world.

But the memory of Julia is still alive in the heart of Davis. He will try to carry warm memories of his wife through life. Paradoxically, the death of his wife was the impetus for a radical change in the perception of life.

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